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How was LATAM's participation in MSI 2023?

The performance of R7, by the LLA, left moments of joy and sadness in an MSI that, again, failed to conquer

We already have the 8 teams that will be present in the main event of the 2023 Mid-Season Invitational, the second most important international League of Legends tournament of the year. The second stage begins this May 9 with the teams biggest in the world. But where and how was Latin America in this competition?

This year it was the turn of Movistar R7 to be the team that represents LATAM internationally. The popular rainbow squad classified this commitment after Defeat 6 Karma in the 2023 LLA Opening Finals. Already as champion of the region the team had secured the place for the Play-In from this year's MSI and his third qualification to an international LOL competition.

First day

Ready for action on May 3 R7 had their first match in London against the second best in the LPL (China): Bilibili Gaming. With one of the strongest rivals in the competition in front and with all the odds against them, LATAM succumbed 2-0 in a BO3 match. Games where the Chinese squad managed to quickly punish the bot lane rival to create a series of early advantages. However, in the second game the South Americans managed to put up a fight in the early game and they almost managed to match the results, but things did not go as they wanted and R7 went down to Losers Bracket.

The performance of R7, part of the LLA de LOL league in LATAM, left moments of joy and sadness in an MSI that again could not be conquered
Oddie, JG of R7 in the game against BLG | Photo Riot Games

"We had in mind a gank en muzzle and we couldn't do it. That affected us on the tracks and they could zone two waves. I think it was a mistake in approach”, explained the R7 jungler, Oddie, in an interview with Progamers, about the first game. “This is what will happen to you against big teams, when you make a very clear mistake, they will suffocate you like that. In the second game I think it was just the matchups and in the level one also zoned us waves and we couldn't push. It was quite noticeable that they were able to play calmly and we couldn't specify something”, concluded the experienced player.

the historic feat

Contrary to expectations, after a defeat that could have demotivated, the rainbow squad managed to sow a historic milestone for the LLA. The second matchup came on May 5 against VCS (Vietnam) champion Gam Esports, who dropped to Losers after losing to Golgen Guardians.

The first game was full of back and forth between the two teams' advantages, but R7 managed to dominate early game by picking up the first kills and neutral objectives on The Rift. Thanks to a good use of plays from dive and great mechanical agility on the part of the players of LATAM, even when things looked difficult in the late, there was superiority in the final by R7 who took 4 dragons and by minute 36 they had already put the score 1-0 in their favor.

In the second match, things did not go as R7 expected, with the soul of hell and a Baron Nashor Gam prevailed and made it 1-1.

But history would be on the side of the Mexican "org". In the third match R7 maintained the lead in both gold and goals and kill throughout the game, so in less than half an hour LATAM managed to sign its first victory at MSI 2023.

The performance of R7, part of the LLA de LOL league in LATAM, left moments of joy and sadness in an MSI that again could not be conquered
Movistar R7 after beating Gam at MSI 2023 | Photo Riot Games

And beyond winning, this victory represents the first time that an LLA team has won a BO3 in an international championship. The region had already won single rounds, but never a best-of-multi-game series like this feat accomplished by R7.

the end of the dream

Once Movistar R7 left Gam behind, it went to round 2 of the Losers, stage where they had to face the second place in North America (NA), Golden Guardians, who had previously fallen against Bilibili.

The first round of the BO3 began at 7:00 am (in Venezuela) on Saturday, May 6. GG came from taking a map from the second in China, showing a remarkable performance, so he was not an easy opponent. And so it was reflected, GG played intelligently and took advantage of R7's mistakes, took the lead by quickly increasing his advantages and ended up placing a 2-0 overall score by defeating RXNUMX by stomping. team of the ALL.

The performance of R7, part of the LLA de LOL league in LATAM, left moments of joy and sadness in an MSI that again could not be conquered
Lyonz and the rest of the R7 squad during a match at MSI 2023 | Photo Riot Games

In this way, with one victory and two losses, LATAM was eliminated from MSI 2023 without being able to qualify for the main event again.

How can the region improve?

It's no mystery that Latin America has a dismal record in international League of Legends competitions. Last year, for example, at MSI 2022 Team Aze failed to make it past the initial group stage, and at Worlds 2022 Isurus failed to make it out of Play-In, a negative pattern that runs throughout LLA history.

Lorenzo "Ceo" Tevez, bot laner from R7, gave his opinion on the current state of the Latin American league in an interview with Progamers: “The level we have in the league is very low compared to other regions. We arrive and they all stomp us. In the league, when it comes to practices, I feel that both ours and our rivals' are quite poor. So we have already reached that level and we only have about a week to scream, we have very little time to prepare ”, he pointed out. player .

Oddie, Movistar R7 bot laner
CEO, R7 bot laner | Photo Riot Games

CEO, who is only 19 years old and is having his first international experience at this MSI, reflected on what should be done to improve the results of the league: "It's easy to say, but if the level of the players simply grew or if all the teams took the screams seriously, I think we could play a little better”.

In addition to the results, for Ceo this trip was a rewarding and learning experience. "Although I did not get the results that I would like, I do take the good things and the learning, it was all very nice," he said.

Now Movistar R7 will have to prepare for the closing split of the LLA and try to find the cup to be able to demonstrate its performance again in the next Worlds 2023.

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