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The rebirth of eSports in Venezuela

I had the experience of being part of the Venezuela Game Show, here is an article about it.

In South America, electronic sports are not as evolved as in other regions of the world, that's for sure. Venezuela has not been the exception for a long time. We had what everyone else had, that's also true; communities, organizers and events with attendance from time to time. Every game that could be competitive had its own. With the crisis of 2016 to 2018, things regressed to a point where there were almost no events or they were much more compact than others before that period. This is why the rebirth of eSports in Venezuela

Everyone prioritized having food and being safe at that time, there were almost no days in which events could be organized, since much of the money was commonly spent on the little food, basic necessities and services that could be bought and/or obtained . Even in those days, there were already those who knew the potential of eSports.

eSports in Venezuela

Today, the economy for the average Venezuelan has "normalized" (compared to those years) to the point where brands are interested in targeting more specific audiences instead of general ones. With this objective, the Argentina Game Show, during the pandemic and with the help of Movilnet-E, gave Venezuela an opportunity, causing interesting results. Later, they decided to open the doors to the public, investing much more on this second occasion, and Venezuela Game Show E2 was a resounding success.

eSports in Venezuela

Titles like Counter Strike Global Offensive, League of Legends, Valorant, Free Fire, Rocket League, Mortal Kombat 11, FIFA 23 and Just Dance were present for gamers, full of teams and competitors. Companies that have gamers as their target were involved (even some that are not so related to gamers).

The staging, logistics, and organization of tournaments was of the highest quality, following international standards, everything that a South American Gamer imagines a "big" event would be, the event had: platforms, lights, stellar sound and lots of space to see the plays comfortably.

There are still things to improve

However, the video master and the broadcast have room for improvement: while those on the site could hear both the games and the narrators, the streaming had audio leveling problems and the two channels enabled to watch the games were broadcasting in simultaneous (big mistake for the public that consumes gaming broadcasts). I am sure that these problems will be corrected for the next edition. Even with this, VGS set a new standard for Gaming events in Venezuela, I could even say, Latin America.

A final worthy of an EVO

I, as part of the Fighters gaming community in Venezuela, was a storyteller for Mortal Kombat 11, which had 74 participants from all over the country. I bought, downloaded, and studied the game for two weeks for the occasion. The tournament met international standards both in the skills of the competitors and the quality of the organization. Worthy recognition to Kevin "KaoticPunisher" Paez for traveling half a continent for it, and he did it excellently. The public was very excited watching the finals, an EVO quality show.

eSports in Venezuela

Unfortunately, this time only the grand finale was seen on one of the main stages of the event, while the standard for events with multiple fighting games is the top 8. But, I hopefully aspire to have more than one Fighting Game at the next edition (and its top 8). With the public reaction to that competition, I'm sure that's the way to go. Don't get me wrong, other games had heart-stopping endings too.

It wasn't just a competitor event, there were gamers and not so gamers alike at the event trying every game they could. Despite not being able to photograph it, there was an elderly couple enjoying the event and taking many selfies. People of all ages and interests came to see the passion of the world of competitive gaming, and I am very happy to be part of the history of Venezuelan gaming.

It was an event for gamers to enjoy their habitat in the best conditions, and for non-gamers to understand why we love video games.

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