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Finals of the Venezuelan Valorant and LoL leagues will be on May 25

This year's first in-person LGAplay event will mark the way to the Venezuela Game Show

After long keyboard battles and more than 2 months of competition, LGAplay announces its first in-person event of 2024. The Grand Final of the Spiritual Rift Series Apertura 2024 (League of Legends League) and the Spike Pro League (Valorant League ) will take place next Saturday, May 25.

The Venezuelan leagues of the two big Riot Games games will have a great in-person event in the city of Caracas. A party that will be held at the Cinex facilities of the CC Tolón Fashion Mall starting at 10:00 AM with completely free admission.

This event will seek to bring together the country's electronic sports communities and fans again, being part of the #RoadToVGS calendar. A series of events that will serve as a prelude to the Venezuela Game Show 2024.

Spiritual Rift Series (LoL) Final

On May 25 we will be able to witness the clash between Colnetwork Esports and Raidens in the final of the Spiritual Rift Series Apertura 2024.

The confrontation for the Venezuelan League of Legends League cup will be starred by two great teams that stood out during the split.

Raidens struggled during the regular season until reaching the Playoffs from the Upper Bracket. In this knockout phase the team exploded at its peak by beating Colnetwork and then Arawak Esports to reach the Grand Final directly.

For its part, Colnetwork had an exemplary passage through the regular phase, remaining as líder of group. But in the Playoffs, they fell to the Lower Bracket after losing against Raidens in the first match. However, they did not give up and reached the Finals after defeating Panter Esports and Arawak Esports.

Spike Pro League Final (Valorant)

Shooter fans will also have an appointment in Toulon with the Spike Pro League Season 3 Grand Final.

The latest outbreak between agents and their mirrors of the Venezuelan Valorant League will pit Fusion Venezuela against Lightning Esports.

The two-time Spike champion, Fusion Venezuela once again defends its title by achieving a great regular phase and remaining undefeated during the playoff stage. With a 2-0 against Lightning in the Upper, the star team earned its place in the Final.

Lightning Esports was a team that struggled to reach the top 4 in the regular phase, going from less to more. But the awakening of the “lightning” occurred in the Playoffs where, apart from his loss against Fusion, he managed to win all his games.

Now, in both League of Legends and Valorant, teams must play a final best-of-three (BO3) game to achieve glory in each of their disciplines.

A gamer party in preparation for the Venezuela Game Show

The LGAplay Grand Final as part of the Road To VGS will have many more surprises, in addition to the incredible outcome of the leagues.

The event will feature FreePlay stations for Mortal Kombat, Just Dance, Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Fortnite and 1V1 for PC, for all attendees. In addition, flash tournaments and activities will be held by LGAplay sponsors.

Additionally, this final will feature guest cosplayers and on-camera talent from SRS and SKPL.

This meeting of the esports and national gaming community will be free to enter for the general public.

Follow the LGAplay streaming channels on YouTube and Twitch to watch the Finals matchups online. Also follow leagues like @lgaplaylol and @lgaplayval on Instagram, and LGAplay as @lgaplay in social networks.

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