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2K Games will reveal something about one of its most beloved franchises

The distribution house of BioShock, Mafia and Borderlands assured that they would reveal a surprise for the Summer Game Fest in June

Taking into account that the Summer Game Fest is just around the corner, 2K Games revealed without many details that they would show a new title from one of their franchises to the public. However, this has not prevented fans from speculating what the franchise with a new title could be.

Leaving aside its sports games that have annual deliveries in these presentations, players theorize that the distributor could have something from Mafia, BioShock or even Borderlands on its hands.

What could be the new announcement from 2K Games?

On the one hand, we have to Hangar 13 in a recent interview, confirmed that a new Mafia video game was in development. He assured that it would take a couple of years before seeing the light, but they did not rule out that 2K Games could publicize the project.

On the other hand, 2K announced in 2019 that a new BioShock video game was in development. Confirming that Jonathan Pelling, designer of the original BioShock and creative director of BioShock Infinite, was involved with this new project.

Gearbox also announced in 2021 that they were working on a new Borderlands, which 2K Games could also announce, taking into account that time has passed since the announcement of that development, it must be taken into account that Gearbox recently joined 2K Games as a developer. Which is why fans also believe that Borderlands could be the big announcement.

It is not known exactly which of these surprises could be the next to be presented at the Summer Game Fest. But 2K has not revealed any more information about it, hoping that the Hype will get players more excited about the possibility of any of these possible releases.

The Summer Game Fest will begin next June 7 and the entire gaming industry is preparing its next premieres of this great event for players. Hopefully companies like 2K Games won't be left behind with these announcements.

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