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With a large Caravan they celebrate the victory in Apure

«We want to thank all those who mobilized, all that machinery that made us win the governorship and the mayoralties that we have won, today we are the majority in the state, the adecaje is there trying to blackmail, saying that they won and in the face of this threat, the vanguard of the town of Apure took to the streets to defend the triumph, ”as the new authority elected by the Apure state, Eduardo Piñate, said.

Likewise, Piñate stressed that "we are waiting for the CNE to announce the proclamation, so good we have to be alert, in our neighborhoods, streets and communities, we came to transform Apure, we came to make the Apure large, prosperous and productive, all together we are going to achieve it ».

This Tuesday, apureños celebrated the victory of the new governor-elect in the entity, by the Great Patriotic Pole and the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv), with a large Caravan made up of motorcycles and cars that crossed the main avenues of the capital city San Fernando de Apure.

Much excitement was experienced in this mega caravan, with a lot of color and emotion on the part of the attendees, among which stand out the front of motorized vehicles, women's movements, workers' front, educational union, youth, missions, all united to accompany the governor-elect by the town, Eduardo Piñate and the mayor elected by the Biruaca municipality, José Franco.