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AN will investigate threats against the mayor who joined Maduro's campaign

Head of the Venezuela Nuestra Command, Jorge Rodríguez, pointed out that they will also request the Public Ministry to carry out an in-depth investigation into these events.

The Domestic Policy Commission of the National Assembly (AN) will begin an investigation into the threats received by the opposition mayor of the Rojas municipality of Barinas state, Pedro Antonio Abreu, after he expressed his intention to join the campaign in favor of the re-election of the candidate of the Homeland, Nicolás Maduro.

This was reported by the head of the Venezuela Nuestra del Siglo XXI campaign command, Jorge Rodríguez, who pointed out that they will also assist the Public Ministry to also carry out an in-depth investigation into these events.

In a press conference held this Tuesday, Rodríguez denounced that the mayor received threatening calls, they scratched the walls of his home and threatened to burn down his home where his seriously ill mother was.

"As soon as these violent terrorists knew that Mayor Abreu had made the decision for the sake and defense of peace, harmony, consensus, to defend our sovereignty, they activated terror, hatred and unleashed violence against Mayor Abreu," he highlighted. the also president of the National Assembly.

In this sense, he asked the international organizations that always come out in defense of the right not to turn a blind eye to these serious events and to speak out in rejection of them.

“We want to see what the Carter Center will say now about these events. If they came to see the elections, it is also necessary for them to see this,” highlighted Rodríguez, who also repudiated the attempt to use violence as a mechanism to conduct politics.

Rodríguez highlighted that the right, once again, wants to sow violence and disrupt peace in the country, since they are aware that they do not have the popular support to win the presidential elections on July 28.

“These supposed defenders of democracy have known they were lost for a long time, they have been chanting fraud for a long time before the election takes place. These sectors always appeal to violence and since they are not right, nor are the majority, they want to ruin the patience of Venezuelans who are calm,” he noted.

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