They will present in Plenary Agreement for the anniversary of the LOPNNA

The Subcommittee on Boys, Girls and Adolescents of the Permanent Family Commission of the National Assembly (AN) will present to the plenary an Agreement on the occasion of the 21st anniversary of the approval of the Organic Law for the Protection of Children this April, Girl and Adolescent (LOPNNA).

Deputy Lirisol Velásquez, president of the Subcommittee, reported that the presentation of this Agreement will be in charge of the head of the Permanent Family Commission, Deputy Asia Villegas, who will refer to the scope of the LOPNNA in favor of children and teenagers.

Deputy Velásquez recalled that the anniversary of the LOPNNA is celebrated every April, so they plan to make some adjustments in the programming related to the events that have to do with children and adolescents.

"We had planned to carry out a series of activities with the regional powers of the country and, given the situation of the pandemic, we will do so by online connection to be able to meet the planned objectives of our quarterly work," he commented.

He specified that this plan consists of coordinating social programs with all sectors of the country, sports and religious, as well as controlling policies regarding children and adolescents. / AN Press



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