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AN to investigate conspiracy revealed by Mike Pompeo

They consider it a demonstration of Trump's intentions to intervene in Venezuela. Pompeo confessed that they delivered more than a billion dollars in humanitarian aid during the Trump administration. “The money was just one form of our support,” he said.

The second vice president of the National Assembly, América Pérez, presented before the plenary session of the Venezuelan parliament an exhortation to initiate an investigation into the revelations made by former US Secretary of State and director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Mike Pompeo in his recently published book "Never Give an Inch" (Never Give an Inch), for being a story about the macabre plans hatched against Venezuela.

The deputy explained that Pompeo revealed plans and pressure actions to weaken and overthrow the Venezuelan president, including the economic and financial blockade and the ignorance of his legitimacy as head of state.

Likewise, he insisted that the people should know the results of that investigation through a report, so that they are aware of the situation.

Pompeo mentions that in 2018 the North American empire managed to exert the greatest economic pressure against the Venezuelan people to influence the presidential elections of that year.

“At various times, President Trump, John Bolton, and I have suggested the military option for Venezuela. None of us wanted to speak publicly about this important means of pressure, ”Pompeo said in his text.

He explained that the book also narrates that they did not achieve the task and mentions that they tried to bribe the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, to go into exile in Switzerland.

In this regard, the deputy indicated that “the courageous character of President Nicolás Maduro prevailed by not giving in to those claims and blackmail from the United States; on the contrary, he went to the elections together with the Venezuelans and won a great victory,” she noted.

The deputy specified that as a consequence of this, came the attack against the Venezuelan government by that nation, as expressed by the former official in his book.

“We decided that we could not recognize Maduro as the legitimate president of Venezuela; instead, on January 23, we recognized the relatively unknown 35-year-old opposition leader, Juan Guaidó, president of the AN, as interim president,” he read.

Pérez also explains that in his book Pompeo accepts that the AN would not recognize Guaidó and also describes how the diplomat James Broward "Jimmy" Story worked magic to align the deputies behind this politician.

"As stated by Pompeo, they accept that it has cost him a lot of money, effort and plans in that project called Guaidó," the deputy explained.

Pompeo also confessed that they delivered more than a billion dollars in humanitarian aid during the Trump administration. “The money was just one form of our support,” he said.

Pérez also commented that in the book they also explain that this official was the one who planned, organized and financed the kidnapping of diplomat Alex Saab.

In the opinion of the president of the National Assembly, Jorge Rodríguez, "this is one more demonstration" of the clear intentions of the Donald Trump government to intervene in Venezuela.

He requested that, once the analysis of the book is done, the product of that investigation be presented to the Plenary for the purpose of advancing in elucidating, for the people of Venezuela, the great events that occurred from January 2019 to date. , refers to a press release from the National Assembly.


  1. President Nicolas reiterated not only that he is a worthy successor to leader Hugo Chavez, but that he is far superior to those wusses of the dying empire!

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