Venezuela will denounce Iván Duque before the ICC for the crime of extermination and persecution

The Executive Vice President of the Republic, Delcy Rodríguez, reported on Wednesday that the Venezuelan government will denounce the President of Colombia Iván Duque before the International Criminal Court (ICC) for the crime of extermination and persecution, contemplated in the Rome Statute.

She made reference to what happened on October 8 with a violent crime in Colombia with the murder of two Venezuelan children and assured that due to the political extremism that was promoted by the Venezuelan opposition, now there are results of xenophobia in the country.

"These children were stigmatized, they were victims of hate crimes, they were insulted in their dignity as children, identified as rats, thieves, as criminals by some merchants in the municipality of Tibú," she added.

She said that they have been in contact with the relatives of the deceased, “we have been in contact with the relatives. There is still a child to identify. Our migration authorities have been in contact with the authorities of Norte de Santander because this crime cannot go unpunished

She added that the Department of Legal Medicine of Colombia has reported since 2017 that 2.061 Venezuelan migrants have been murdered, and also said that a Colombian NGO reported that in 2021 360 Venezuelans have been murdered in Colombia.

From the Simón Bolívar Press Room of the Miraflores Palace, Rodríguez highlighted, recalled that Julio Borges in 2018 called to attack Venezuelan migrants in the world, and showed a video where he called to reject Venezuelans in any country in the world.

“It is a policy promoted by Venezuelan extremism, by that gang led by Juan Guaidó that what he has done is steal and that has generated a process of stigmatization. Rich Venezuelan migrants and fugitives from justice, who are enjoying all the money that were stolen, are not being persecuted in Colombia. They persecute the poor, Venezuelan women who are victims of sexual abuse and xenophobia, paramilitary groups and drug traffickers dominate political and economic life in Colombia and our compatriots are affected by this, "said the vice president.

In this regard, he asked the International Organization for Migration, the United Nations (UN) Agency for Refugees (UNHCR) and the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, a statement and an immediate investigation into the murder of two Venezuelan teenagers "and what is happening in Colombia against our migrants."

She recalled that Venezuela is a country that receives migrants, “more than 6 million Colombians have been included in Venezuelan society and the social protection system. While in Colombia they reject Venezuelans and do not even want to vaccinate them, "she told the vice president.

She denounced that Colombia applies a policy of extermination of the population, both Colombians and Venezuelans.



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