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Venezuela incorporates Álex Saab into the Mexican dialogue

The head of the government delegation for dialogue in Mexico, Jorge Rodríguez, reported on Tuesday that diplomat Alex Saab is joining the dialogue negotiations taking place in Mexico.

"We want to inform public opinion that we are incorporating the diplomat Alex Saab as a full member of this delegation and as a delegate before the social table approved in the partial agreement to assist the people of Venezuela," he said.

He added that the diplomat is perfectly qualified to take part as a full member of the Delegation and the decision will be confirmed to the government of Norway, the government of Russia and all those involved.

Similarly, he stressed that Saab will be a plenipotentiary spokesperson and added that the diplomat is not detained in Cape Verde but has been kidnapped for 400 days.

"He was kidnapped abroad in violation of all international regulations, punishing him when he was performing duties to obtain medicine and food in the midst of the blockade."

He stressed that the consequences that the coercive measures have left on the people of Venezuela have already been presented before the dialogue table in Mexico.

“The misnamed sanctions are a crime against the people of Venezuela, they do not respect political ideology, creed or gender, and they have also been ineffective, according to what the United States Congress has said. The US Chamber of Commerce itself has criticized the misnamed sanctions, because they have lost business opportunities. One of the victims were Venezuelan businessmen and women, ”said Rodríguez.

He added that in the next meeting it will be denounced that the theft of Monómeros, in the hands of Iván Duque and Leopoldo López. "We are going to Mexico with the reliable evidence of the robbery that has been done to Venezuela."

"A social table will be created headed by myself, Gabriela Jiménez and Álex Saab to debate the most important issues in the next meeting in Mexico, especially the case of Monómeros," reiterated the head of Parliament.