UPV: "we must defend the Essequibo in any scenario"

The UPV party was willing to defend the Essequibo as Venezuelan territory.

During its customary weekly press conference, the Venezuelan Popular Unity party established a position regarding recent events aimed at increasing tension between Guyana and Venezuela over the historic claim of the Essequibo territory.

Edgar Rodríguez, a member of the UPV National Directorate, said that both the international Criminal Court and the Government of Guyana are part of the game against Venezuela led by the oil company Exxon Mobil for their "transnational interests."

Rodríguez assured that the Essequibo territory “is Venezuelan and we will defend it in any scenario. We also reject the military maneuvers carried out by the United States and Guyana ”, he said and reiterated that such actions are aimed at intimidating the Venezuelan people. In this sense, he warned that "the organized people and their Armed Forces are ready to defend the homeland in whatever terrain is necessary."

During his statements, Rodríguez rejected a recent manipulation of which this political organization was subjected, by the media that attended the inauguration of the new National Assembly. The leader expressed that it is about the media that, days later, it was discovered that they are financed by the United Kingdom to defend their interests in the country.

In this sense, he exhorted these media to exercise journalism in an ethical manner and put the interests of the country above the personal ones.