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They seek to give title to public defenders

They will take to the AN the draft of the Organic Law of Public Defense

The new general public defender, Daniel Ramírez reported that after his appointment and swearing-in, carried out last Tuesday by the National Assembly, he will continue with the work undertaken since last May, when he was given the responsibility as manager.

He recalled that in the first 60 days in front of the Public Defense, the work of deepening justice began in 16 penitentiary centers in the country.

“We are dedicated to working hand in hand with the Minister of Penitentiary Affairs, Mirelys Contreras, the Supreme Court of Justice and the Public Ministry. In each boarding school we deepen the policies regarding the Judicial Revolution, the review of each case, the procedural delay, trigger the preliminary hearings in order to give the openings of trials and, according to the case, issue the corresponding privative measure, also psychosocial reports, the issue of redemptions was worked on”.

He indicated that the entire process is part of the so-called judicial revolution that President Nicolás Maduro has requested and that it is advancing after important reforms of laws with the National Assembly.

He stressed that in the coming weeks they will present to parliament the proposal for the Public Defense Organic Law Project, "one of its points being to work on the public defender's career"; also call the public contest of opposition to give ownership to those provisional defenders.

"The approach is to take them to the ownership so that they can freely exercise their defense activity before the different jurisdictional bodies of the country, in favor of all those people who are deprived of their liberty." He noted that academic work for staff and advocates will be strengthened.

"With the National School of Public Defense we started a plan to guarantee the timely training of officials, we also took an important step with the agreements with houses of higher education such as Santa Rosa, Santa María".

He stated that the job is to "guarantee the human rights of each person deprived of liberty, that is why in the case reviews I have given instructions that each person deprived of liberty be appointed a public defender in the area where he or she is detained so that his or her procedural cause is not abandoned”

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