The FANB must adapt voting centers for the mega-elections

The Strategic Operational Commander of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (Fanb), GJ Domingo Hernández Lárez reported via Twitter that the Fanb in a perfect Civic-Military Police Union, must adapt to the needs of the National Electoral Council, each of the campuses that will operate the next November 21 as voting centers, after conducting an inspection process.

In a publication of his official account @dhernandezlarez of the social network Twitter, General in Chief Hernández Lárez wrote: “The #FANB that will participate in the regional and municipal elections must inspect all the campuses that will serve as electoral voting centers, and adapt them according to the needs of the CNE. In perfect union with the different entities responsible for its adaptation ”.

It is important to highlight that on July 22 of this year, the president of the National Electoral Board, rector Tania D´Amelio, announced the creation of a pilot plan in the Voting Centers where the voters will be located with some disability duly certified by Conapdis, at table No. 1, which will be held for the elections on November 21.

In fact, at the meeting of the CNE board of directors, an Instructions for care and support for people with disabilities in electoral processes was approved in order to make it public; the creation of posters of Steps to follow for the care of people with disabilities, which will be located in the voting centers and an Operation Manual of the Electoral Table.



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