The ¨banana coup¨ evidenced the failure of gringo intelligence

The attempt did not pass the Altamira distributor

"Today, brave soldiers, brave patriots, brave men attached to the constitution have come to our call," were the words with which Juan Guaidó began a video posted on his social networks where, under the assertion of being at the Generalissimo Air Base Francisco de Miranda de La Carlota and flanked by the military, gave account of an alleged "military uprising" against the Government of President Nicolás Maduro.

It was 5:46 am and Leopoldo López was observed behind his back, who with the help of Cristopher Figuera, who served as head of the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (Sebin), led him to “escape” from his home where he was purging conviction under the benefit of house by jail.

After 12 minutes at 5:58 am and in the absence of pronouncements in support of the coup adventure, Guaidó tweeted again where he announced the name of this attempt that he baptized as “Operation Freedom” and cries out for the support of the population .

This is how dawn passed in the city of Caracas and nine minutes later at 6:17 am Leopoldo López tweets to announce that he has been "freed" and seconded Guaidó assuring that he was at the La Carlota base, a message that accompanied two images Where dressed in his North Face jacket -whose logo he covered with a Venezuelan flag-, he poses with Guaidó and National Guards.

Seconds later at 6:18 am, the then Minister for Communication and Information, Jorge Rodríguez publishes two tweets in which he denies the capture of the La Carlota air base, a statement that begins the media dismantling of the coup operation promoted by Juan Guaidó and Leopoldo López.

With the sun set over Caracas, which gave greater clarity to what was happening, a group of soldiers could be seen on the Altamira distributor with a .50 rifle placed pointed west and under this small elevated on the Francisco Fajardo highway. , no more than four VN-4 armored anti-riot vehicles belonging to the GNB were observed, which were under the control of the coup plotters.

Before this image appears a message from the Minister for Defense Vladimir Padrino López, who gives an account of the normality prevailing in all the barracks of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces and declares that the military remains in defense of the Constitution.

At approximately 7:30 am, the voice of Diosdado Cabello is heard on a VTV transmission, who as president of the National Constituent Assembly ratifies that the taking of La Carlota is false and ensures that there is absolute control of the situation. At the same time, he calls on the people to mobilize to the Miraflores Palace to defend the Government.

The real promoters

Despite the early appearance of Republican Senator Marco Rubio, who at 6:15 am gave a first indication of who were the faces behind this coup adventure, it was not until the coup melted in the heat of the reality of a Caracas morning very sunny, that the real planners appeared.

This is how at 9:00 am the world knows the pronouncement of the White House National Security Advisor, John Bolton, who from his Twitter account addressed the Minister for Defense, Vladimir Padrino López, to implore his support for his support to the right-wing coup.

Six minutes after Bolton at 9:06 a.m., the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, appeared, taking the lead to express his government's support for the coup in a twitter message that accompanied the hashtag #EstamosUnidosVe

End of adventure

After these pronouncements, the media began to point out alleged confrontations between the coup plotters and the loyalist forces, information that was denied by videos recorded from the distributor where it is observed how the deserters who accompanied Guaidó fired shots in the air, to simulate a conflict scenario. , the thesis that is exposed when seeing people who walked without covering themselves, while the coup plotters crouched down shouting "they are shooting" as reflected in the video of the Colombian television station NTN24.

Little time had elapsed when the first desertion of the coup leaders took place, who took the VN-4 vehicles and went west on the Francisco Fajardo highway to surrender to the troops allied to the Government, pointing out that they had been deceived by the authors of the unsuccessful violent attempt.

At 10:07 am the first pronouncement of President Maduro is given, who through his account on the social network Twitter asserted that he had spoken with all the heads of Zodi and Redi in the country who had expressed their loyalty to him.

The final sentence of the outrageous military uprising attempt came at 11:45 am, when the Minister for Defense Padrino appeared on the VTV live broadcast and sentenced the defeat of this plan, calling it a "cowardly act" and an "attempt to insignificant coup ”.

Flight of Guaidó and Leopoldo

Moment before this pronouncement of the military chief, the then deputy Guaidó and his mentor Leopoldo López proceed to leave the aforementioned distributor and move to the Altamira square where they spoke with a megaphone to a hundred people who were invited to march without success.

A few minutes after the unsuccessful and brief walk, Leopoldo López decided to abandon the crowd to begin his procession in search of an embassy to receive him, a task that was complicated by the absence of personnel at the US diplomatic headquarters, a government that had been your main ally.

"They betrayed us"

According to the statements issued by a furstrated John Boltón at approximately 2:00 pm, the coup would have failed after the “betrayal” of the Minister Padrino, the president of the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ), Maikel Moreno and the head of the Guard of Honor and of the General Directorate of Military Counterintelligence (Dgcim), Iván Hernández Dala, as he reconfirmed with a message on his Twitter account where, under threats, he sought to force officials to join the already unsuccessful attempt to overthrow the military against Maduro.

The twilight began in the city of Caracas and there was no trace of the coup when Secretary of State Pompeo appeared on CNN to support Bolton's statements and in an effort to hide the resounding failure of the United States intelligence agencies and the government of Donald Trump, argued the old well-known "Russian plan."

“They had a plane on the runway. As far as we know, (Maduro) was ready to go this morning. The Russians said that he should stay, "he said, a statement that was mocked by President Maduro, who asked the US official for" seriousness. "

Six months after the failed attempt and after having "fled" the country, Leopoldo López appears, who in an interview with CNN gave his version of events in a quest to shed responsibility for this "insignificant blow" -as Padrino described it. - who believed they orchestrated from a distributor with no more than 40 soldiers, a .50 rifle and three baskets of bananas.

But in addition, this "allegation" by López highlighted the capacity of the Venezuelan security and intelligence agencies to dismantle plans against the institutionality and the constitution, making use of the limited capacity of a violent, adventurous political sector lacking in political vision and strategy, as well as an American intelligence that under the guidance of an old hawk (Bolton) and a former CIA agent (Pompeo) were pushed into this company that was no more than a small skirmish whose only question left is why were the baskets of bananas?



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