The CNE is committed to carrying out an impeccable electoral process

The president of the National Electoral Council (CNE), Pedro Calzadilla, visited Cojedes state to develop an agenda for work, inspection, supervision and accompaniment to the institution's headquarters, located in San Carlos.

This visit is part of a national tour that is being carried out by the authority of the governing body, who stressed that the day in Cojedes was fruitful and served to meet with the workers and directors of the institution in the state, in addition to meeting with the commander of the Comprehensive Defense Operational Zone No. 34 of Cojedes, with whom he detailed some plans of what the Republic Plan will be deployed during the November 21 elections.

"Once again, the people of Venezuela are called to elections and we have the highest responsibility to carry out, as always, an excellent and impeccable election process," said Calzadilla, who also highlighted that the Cojedes state has been characterized by showing broad participation in the processes. electoral, staying in the first places at the national level.

Likewise, the manager affirmed that the electoral roll reached the number of 21 million 267 thousand 813 voters, who will be able to participate in these mega elections in November; In addition, he reported that for this Friday at noon there were a total of 278 nominations for governorships, 1.354 nominations for legislators, 1.651 nominations for mayors and 14 for councilors and councilors, for a total of 332 nominations nationwide. This figure varies because the CNE closes this process on Sunday, August 17 at 625 midnight.

Voters in Cojedes

Juan Contreras, director of the CNE in Cojedes, pointed out that for these regional and municipal elections, 65 councilors, 7 legislators, 9 mayors and 1 governor will be elected in Cojedes state, for which 260 electoral centers and 440 will be arranged. polling stations for 270 thousand registered voters in the state.

They also reported that 13 thousand 574 movements were made by the voters of Cojedes during the day of registration and updating of data made in previous months by the CNE, 3 thousand 154 new registrants, 7 thousand 527 changes of residence and 2 thousand 893 data updates , were the figures given. 



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