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The UN Panel of Electoral Experts arrived in Venezuela

This Tuesday, a three-member Panel of Electoral Experts arrived in the country and began a deployment in Venezuela. It was announced a few weeks ago and will carry out an independent and technical evaluation of the electoral system in the context of the regional and municipal elections on November 21.

The team will remain in the country until a few days after the elections and its members will meet with a wide range of political and social actors, as well as with electoral authorities and experts.

The United Nations (UN) has provided this type of electoral assistance to other countries at their request. Unlike the UN electoral observation missions, which require a specific mandate from the Security Council or the General Assembly, the Panels of Electoral Experts do not issue public statements evaluating the general conduct of the electoral process or its results.

On this occasion, the panel will provide an internal report to the Secretary General with recommendations to strengthen future electoral processes. At the discretion of the Secretary General, the recommendations made by the Panel may be transmitted to the national authorities.

The members of the Panel of Experts have extensive electoral experience and have worked for the United Nations in various contexts.