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Testimony: María Corina Machado received a bribe to hand over PDVSA “if she won elections”

Money given to MCM was also going to be used in a social media campaign and other government plans.

The militant far-right opponent, María Corina Machado, received a bribe of $3,2 million from an American lobby named Howard Stirk Holdings (HSH) to hand over PDVSA to Chevron “if she won the presidential elections.”

The evidence of such bribery was presented by Brazilian journalist Patricia De Oliveira Souza Lelis, who worked covering Latin American news in the United States in an emporium of several media outlets such as Fox News and who also organizes international lobbies, reported Venezuela News, who He had access to the documents in an interview with Souza Lelis.
The money given to Machado was not only to promote her in this year's presidential campaign—despite the fact that she is disqualified for treason—and that she was previously aware of this procedure. Also to be used in social media campaigns and other delivery plans.

Souza Lelis began his work in the lobbying sector focused on Venezuela and that was when he met María Corina Machado, who was selling herself as a presidential candidate to the Americans.

The $3,2 million paid to MCM

The US Government sought to promote the alleged leadership of María Corina Machado among public opinion and also position President Nicolás Maduro as a dictator. For this reason, they spent 3,2 million dollars for the primary elections.

This is also proven by the leading role that Machado took in these elections despite not having legal validity and why the leader denied all help from the National Electoral Council.

The direct link also included Pedro Luis Urruchurtu, in charge of international relations for María Corina Machado and requested by the Venezuelan justice system on charges such as treason, conspiracy, money laundering and criminal association, it should be noted. In addition, other Republicans such as the prosecutor linked to Donald Trump, William Barr, said Souza Lelis.
The evidence reveals that the money was moved through the Disenso foundation as the recipient of such resources for the campaign and discredit work through social networks.

María Corina Machado was negotiating Venezuela's resources with the United States in exchange for promoting her candidacy. In addition, she manages a complete fakenews and smear campaign against President Maduro.

Likewise, Souza Lelis told Venezuela News that, “I also had some meetings with Guaidó about this and when they decided that he was going to put money into María Corina's campaign to make the transition, to talk to them, to find out how María Corina was doing. to move this money for the rulers of the United States.”

PDVSA on a silver platter for Chevron

The source confirmed that Chevron came into play in said lobby against the Government of Venezuela due to its obvious interest in Venezuelan oil. He maintained that with this abundant resource in Venezuela, he would manage cheaper prices, among other strategic domain interests. He assured that in the meetings they always mentioned “Latin America and Mexico” but the main topic was always Venezuela.

Assassination attempts and María Corina Machado

In the midst of all this plot, Souza Lelis also confirmed to Venezuela News that he was able to show how María Corina Machado, Juan Guaidó and other leaders spoke openly of an assassination against the Venezuelan president, Nicolás Maduro.

“I was in the Washington DC office and these things were done with politicians in Florida, linked to Guaidó and María Corina,” he stated.

He also reported that these negotiations were taking place in a house in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, which was purchased illegally. “Guaidó always uses this property to meet with politicians (…) The house is named after Terry Giles and Armstrong Williams, Terry is a Republican lawyer linked to Trump and William Barr,” the journalist noted.

Asylum after death threats

The Brazilian journalist revealed evidence of threats made to her by United States agents involved in all the plans to assassinate and overthrow President Nicolás Maduro. In this sense, she said that suspicions against her began when she refused to travel with the million-dollar payment for the campaign of María Corina Machado.

“They began to suspect me when they asked me to travel to Venezuela with a suitcase of money to deliver to someone from María Corina's campaign and I refused,” he stated.

She stressed that they did not work with her anymore after finding on her social networks that she had content that favored the left. Since they found this, the distrust towards her increased and things changed. They also began to make false accusations against her without having any evidence, alleges Souza Lelis.

It is important to highlight that the prosecutor who accuses her is called Russell Carlberg, and according to the journalist, the official knows the entire plan, he knows about all the transactions, all the documents he has and that is why he sent the FBI to look for her in Mexico.

Among those who threatened her, the Republican and political commentator, in addition to being the owner of The Baltimore Sun, Armstrong William also stands out. This character was Souza Lelis's direct boss in the labor office.

She stated that she is in Mexico as a political asylum after the persecutions of which she is a victim under orders from Washington. Among the details offered, the Brazilian journalist reported that members of the FBI chased her out of United States territory.

He concluded by saying that an agent identified as Guillermo Turke was at his home in Mexico. He threatened to kill her if she did not give him all the documents and computers with information about Venezuela. “He came to my house without any document from a judge that approved him to come…Everything was illegal.”


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