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Hair: Surnames and patarucos suffer from a superiority complex

Diosdado Cabello affirmed that Machado asked for support at the Oslo Forum because the extreme right's plan is to claim fraud

El first vice president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Diosdado Cabello, assured that the representatives of the oligarchy who lead political life in the opposition are heirs of those who, from their superiority complex, governed the country since the colonial era.

“The issue of surnames is not Mendoza or Machado because in Furrial or Guatire there are people with the last name Machado, the problem is what they believe, they assume, that they are superior, not from the People, it is people who believe they were named "here to be owners of everything and the rest submit to what they say," he expressed in his program With the Gavel Giving, broadcast this Wednesday night.

In this sense, he maintained that those who dominated the economic, social and political scenario of the country since colonial times today refuse to recognize that they have been displaced by the People through the Bolivarian Revolution.

The plan of the extreme right is to sing fraud

Likewise, Cabello reiterated that the true plan of the extremist right is to claim fraud, and pointed out in this regard that María Corina Machado participated in the Oslo Freedom Forum to ask for support because that is what they intend.

“He went there to say that they need help, international support, because they are going to claim fraud. A coalition against Venezuela, that is their plan,” he said.

In this regard, he maintained that Machado "has an attack plan against his own country, which has less support in the world every day."

He reiterated that the extreme right “is not going to recognize the results of the CNE, that is why they go to those spaces, that is the real reason.”

In this scenario, Cabello stressed that this opposition sector will not sign the proposal to sign a document between the parties to recognize the electoral results.

“They are not going to sign it because their plan is not electoral,” he stated.

They do not deserve another drop of blood from the people

Given this, Diosdado Cabello emphasized that the right "does not deserve one more drop of blood from Venezuelans for their calls for violence."

“We know that you are asking for a coalition of countries against Venezuela and we tell you that before these people try to set foot in the country, they will not find you because we go first for you,” he warned in the 479th edition of his program. With the Gavel Giving.

He added that “you can accuse me of whatever you want, but if you are leading this country into a war, we will go first for the fifth column that are in the territory and we will show the world that they are not going to have allies here. "Those who want to enter should enter, the problem is how they are going to get out."

In this sense, he specified that this people of men, blacks, Indians, women and young people "knows how to fight, fight, combat, resist and win."

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