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The streets of Mérida were filled with people in rejection of the sanctions

With banners and slogans, Merideños demonstrated in support of President Maduro

The streets of the center of the city of Mérida were filled with people along with Governor Jehyson Guzmán and the Bolivarian mayors to reject the unilateral measures against Venezuela.

The rally started from Plaza Antonio José Sucre in Milla, and culminated in the surroundings of Plaza Bolívar in the Libertador municipality (Mérida), where with banners and slogans the grassroots organizations, social movements, community councils, youth, women and men In unison they expressed their support for President Nicolás Maduro and rejection of the sanctions imposed by the United States against Venezuela.

During the event, Governor Jehyson Guzmán recounted the decisions taken by President Nicolás Maduro following the decree issued by President Barack Obama against Venezuela: “while the opposition asked for more sanctions for the country, President Maduro requested Venezuelans registered on the Homeland card, held the constituent assembly and achieved peace and social protection for the people,” Guzmán described.

The Bolivarian mayors of the Metropolitan axis, Sucre (Lagunillas), Campo Elías (Ejido), Libertador (Mérida) and Santos Marquina (Tabay) were also present.

Likewise, Yolanda Sánchez, spokesperson for the Venezuela Woman Mission, demanded that the president of the United States, Joe Biden, lift the sanctions and restrictions against the Venezuelan people, "here we continue with a revolutionary project inherited from Chávez, with conscience, defending national sovereignty with work and solutions on a daily basis.”

José Peña, a resident of the Jacinto Plaza parish, pointed out that the youth of Merida took to the streets to stop the sanctions, together with the communities, UBCh and the system of missions and large missions, they mobilized in support of the Bolivarian Government.

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