Roy Daza: Election results are the political conclusion of the dialogue

Deputy Roy Daza / Photo Wilmer Errades

"The result of the elections on November 21 is the political conclusion of the triumph of the strategy of dialogue, reconciliation and peace promoted by the national government and President Nicolás Maduro," said the deputy of the National Assembly, Roy Daza this Wednesday.

During a television broadcast, Daza indicated that the electoral process was an obvious victory for those of us who "proposed a path, a path to follow other than the invasion and the coup d'état." 

He also explained that the results of November 21 have created a point of view to break the political fence that the United States government (USA) has had against the country and that “can be evidenced by the opinion given by the European Union (EU) ”.

In this sense, he reported that the presence of the EU is one of the factors that indicates that we have overcome the political siege and that the President, the National Assembly (AN) and the National Electoral Council (CNE) have been recognized.

"That is the most important thing since in the previous processes the EU and some organizations did not recognize the country and the force of the truth has made observers realize what is really happening in Venezuela, the truth of the country", said the parliamentarian.

He stressed that here there is a solid, strong democracy that has the participation of the citizen in a “critical, cooperative way, which expresses its problems and aspirations. This is the strongest democracy on the planet ”.



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