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Rodríguez: "Those who tortured Alex Saab today are UN officials"

The president of Parliament said that they will continue to fight in all spaces for the freedom of the diplomat.

The president of the National Assembly Jorge Rodríguez, participated in the Lawfare Forum against Venezuela, three years after the kidnapping of diplomat Alex Saab, where he delivered a speech in which he repudiated the viciousness of the US empire against our country.

Rodríguez stressed that the diplomat "was detained without an arrest warrant, it was a vulgar kidnapping and he was savagely physically and psychologically attacked." He repudiated that "those who tortured Alex Saab in Cape Verde today are United Nations officials in New York."

For the head of the Venezuelan Parliament, it is not an option to fight for the freedom of Saab, but "an obligation of good men, of those who believe in freedom."

In this sense, he said that he will continue the fight in all national and international scenarios to denounce what he called "the greatest disrespect for international diplomacy."

cruelty and arrogance

Jorge Rodríguez reflected on the reasons why the US empire was so merciless against the Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab, for whom there was no arrest warrant and who violated international agreements.

"One wonders the reason for this cruelty, why the excessive hatred and the violation of all international regulations in the case of Alex Saab", after which it was answered that "the arrogance of the empire gives us the answer".

He recalled that since President Nicolás Maduro won the elections, "the plan was the collapse of our economy, of our oil industry, of our welfare state inaugurated by Commander Hugo Chávez", so they needed to hit all the efforts that the government did to circumvent the sanctions.

"Alex Saab was around the world avoiding coercive measures, he was around the world looking for medicine, looking for food for the Venezuelan people subjected to US pressure," said Rodríguez to explain the reason for the viciousness against the diplomat.

“We are willing that not a single day goes by in which we do not remember Alex Saab, until he is released and returns home. Like Cuba, it did not surrender until the five Cuban heroes returned,” he said.

He noted that "the world is not safe as long as there is a country that claims to be the policeman of the world," referring to how the United States applies its international policy.

He ended his speech with the promise of freeing diplomat Alex Saab "so that he can embrace his family and continue his fight for the well-being of Venezuelans."

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