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Rodríguez warned about sabotage that aims to stop the victory of 28J

In the city of Juan Griego, Marcano municipality of the Nueva Esparta state, a march was held this Thursday in rejection of unilateral coercive measures, in which the general coordinator of the Venezuela Nuestra campaign command, Jorge Rodríguez, alerted the population to be aware “of the sabotage that could occur on the way to building the victory of 28J.”

“The issue of water still persists, but sometimes there are some officials who have to be kicked out of those offices because it should be Maduro and his team who should work directly with the people and assume control of the situation. Whoever makes a mistake, kick and boot, let Maduro continue with the people building the future,” Rodríguez declared before the crowd.

He also reminded those present that those far-right leaders who asked for sanctions are now coming to ask for votes from the people who have suffered the consequences of their actions.

“For each sanction, a solution, they (the opposition) did not want us to be able to serve our people, but by working hard, we achieved it, one day they will know all the intricacies that had to be gone through to serve the people during the pandemic.” , they wanted to make us succumb to decline and despair, and today on Marcano Street in Juan Griego, I tell you that we defeated the sanctions and sadness. I'm telling you, the worst is over, we managed to neutralize and defeat it. If there is something that makes me proud, it is that now we are better men and women, we are more astute and brave, entrepreneurs, better men and women, heirs of the liberators of America,” he stated.

“Those blank faces who are their mother's children, believed that with the money they stole from Citgo and Monómeros, from their mansions in Madrid and Florida, that they asked for sanctions against the people, now they are coming to ask them for the vote. Are they going to give him their vote, their trust, after they robbed us? I ask those present.

I wanted to meet with you to talk to you about a man whom you underestimated, a brother, a fair and honest man: Nicolás Maduro, who through a telephone call sent a message to the people

Jorge Rodríguez described as impudence what the right is doing that, after calling for unilateral coercive measures and appropriating Venezuela's assets abroad, they now intend to ask for the vote. “They are the same ones who ask for sanctions who come to ask for the vote, they are all the same, cut from the same mold, they are a shame for this libertarian land,” he stated.

The ifs and buts have already passed and the conquest of the future is underway, we must be aware of the sabotage that may exist while we build the path towards victory

He also stressed that there are only a few days left before the town can collect the accounts for so much damage that has been done to it. “We will not leave the streets until we make them bite the dust of victory, it has to be a mechanism of a powerful machinery to achieve victory,” he said.

On July 28, we will be in the streets very early with our 1×10 and reminded that President Maduro's victory in these elections will be the best birthday gift for Commander Chávez. “Every time they provoke us we will defeat them.”

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