Psuv pre-candidates in the final stretch for internal elections

The candidate for the Governor of the state of Zulia, Omar Prieto Fernández and the candidates for the mayoralties of Maracaibo and San Francisco, Willy Casanova and Dirwings Arrieta, for the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv) signed a letter of commitment in which they will accept the results of the PSUV Open Primary Elections called for next August 8. 

The territorial vice president of the psuv in the state of Zulia, Omar Prieto Fernández, expressed that all the militants of Chávez's party have the duty to demonstrate revolutionary discipline and ethics, to accept what the people decide. 

He expressed that: «this is the first time that the party has opened the doors for anyone beyond the military in the red awning to elect each revolutionary candidate, therefore, on August 8 we have to ratify what was done on June 27 and consolidate the electoral victory on November 21, "said Prieto Fernández. 

He explained that the signature seals an oath of revolutionary discipline and thanked the leaders of the party for their courage in electing standard bearers worthy of continuing the legacy of Chávez and defending the Bolivarian Revolution. 

Luis Caldera, Psuv's pre-candidate for the Governor of Zulia, ratified the victory of the unit for this August 8. The candidate reaffirmed the commitment to establish one of his lines of action proposed in this campaign, such as the construction of a new geometry of power based on the transformation of the economic-financial system that has as its starting point the recognition of the potentialities of Zulia.

Caldera expressed that he did not come to speak ill of any comrade “the adversary is the opposition, we are not the Chavistas, that is why no one can persecute anyone or exclude anyone, because this is a call for the party, among Chavistas, to strengthen unity of the people and the consolidation of democracy. We come to battle with the people, to fight alongside the people and win with the people ”.

The Psuv candidates for the Governor of the entity are: Omar Prieto, Luis Caldera, Lisandro Cabello, Angela Fernández, Zuyin Pérez, Magdely Valbuena, Damelis Figueroa, Ana Clemente, Pedro Vargas, among others. 

For the Mayor of Maracaibo, the candidates are: Willy Casanova, Jenny Cedeño, Jessy Gascón, Elizabeth González, Arly González, Misleidy Mengual, Cesar Garrido, Alexander Valecillo, among others. 

For the Mayor's Office of the San Francisco municipality, the applicants are: Dirwings Arrieta, Mario Baudino, Janeth Álvarez, Jessica Nava, Yasmin Perozo, María Fuenmayor, Yajaira Muñoz, Darwin Hernández, among others. 

Pre-candidate Rafael Lacava toured the western axis of Carabobo 

The candidate for the governor of Carabobo, Rafael Lacava, toured the western axis of the state in the company of the candidates for the mayors of that area, to listen to their concerns and opinions. 

During his visit to the Miranda, Montalbán and Bejuma municipalities, Lacava thanked the residents for their loyalty and patriotic love. 
Accompanied by the aspiring mayors Aymara Aguiar, in Miranda, Pedro Suárez in Montalbán, as well as Neider Lara and Antonio Monsalve in the Bejuma municipality; The candidate asked to defend and give continuity to the works and achievements made in the area of ​​roads and infrastructure, among others, that are being carried out in the town.

“There is still a lot to do. I am going to ask you one thing and that is that next August 08, you leave early to place your signature where you know you have to put it. We must go out and defend most of the results that have been achieved in four years, despite the difficulties that have arisen ”, he stated.

The candidate for the Governor of Carabobo, Rafael Lacava toured Bejuma

Vielma Mora travels Carabobo

The pre-candidate for governor, José Gregorio Vielma, toured the municipalities of San Diego and Naguanagua, where he held neighborhood assemblies in different sectors to listen to the problems of the communities. 

From the Rural Housing of Bárbula, the candidate visited several of the community and made a house to house for the communities of Ezequiel Zamora, Simón Rodríguez and Río Sil de Naguanagua. 

"My government proposal is to bring the revolution to this municipality because it has not arrived here," he stressed. 

With information from the correspondents: Mayerlin González and Gushani Borges



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