PSUV confirms 104 other mayoral candidates

Cabello reported that there are still 165 mayoral candidates to be announced. PSUV photo

The first vice president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Diosdado Cabello, offered a new balance on the results of the primary elections of the red awning, in which the names of new candidates for mayors by that group are already known politics, with a view to the regional elections in November.

In his presentation, the Pesuvist leader announced that they will soon present the structure of all the teams that go to governorships, mayors and municipal and state councils.

He also reported that "they have given a deadline until Thursday to make the announcement about the alliances with the Great Patriotic Pole", a task that is being debated among the political groups that comprise it.

"They are no longer pre-candidates of the PSUV, from now on they will be candidates of the Chavista forces," said Cabello, referring to the new representatives chosen from the grassroots in open primary elections.

"This group of colleagues have passed their evaluation and have met the requirements to be PSUV candidates," he reflected.

Cabello announced that 104 already confirmed candidates were announced today, in addition to the 70 that had previously been disclosed. He stressed that 165 candidates for mayor's office remain to be announced.

He said that the governing party is activating the mechanisms to register each of the candidates. "It is not an easy process, due to the large number of candidates we are applying," he acknowledged.

He said he was very proud that this process has the right rhythms. “We can say that the names we have announced highlight the discipline of those who have not been favored. We thank you for your revolutionary conscience ”.

He sent a message to the new candidates and to the party's militancy to go and conquer the spaces that the revolution has not reached. “The spaces that we do not have we must conquer and we are preparing for that end. We will accompany the dialogue process with a victory ”, he predicted.

Finally, he said that the PSUV is going to have a commission that is going to get more involved in the management of the candidates who are being trusted. “They will not rule alone, he said.



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