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President Maduro called on Celac to demand an end to interventionism

He stressed the importance of defending Latin America and the Caribbean as an independent and sovereign territory, where the self-determination of the peoples prevails.

"Let's unite with one voice for sovereignty and independence" was the call that President Nicolás Maduro brought to the VII Summit of Heads of State of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (Celac).

The president of Venezuela addressed the plenary session of the organization this Tuesday through a video, from where he called on the member countries of Celac to demand the cessation of interventionism against the free countries of the continent.

"We have to plant a single voice, and that Latin America and the Caribbean tell the United States of America: no more interventionism, no more coup against the free and sovereign countries of the continent," he said.

In this regard, he stressed the importance of defending Latin America and the Caribbean as an independent, sovereign territory, where the self-determination of the peoples prevails. And he urged to join forces and efforts to reject all kinds of interventionism by powers outside the region.

To specify this approach, Nicolás Maduro called the 33 nations represented in Celac to join.

«The union for the construction of a new model of society in this Latin America, rebellious, Caribbean, mestizo and beautiful. Our America. The union for liberation is the call of the Bolivarian Venezuela”.

For this, he invited to carry out a great exercise in tolerance and inclusion that leads to a true union in diversity.

Assume ourselves as a Great Homeland, and assume the policy of union in diversity, respecting the specific characteristics of the political, economic and social models of each country.

He added that Latin America has great tasks for economic, commercial and financial integration.

New stage of integration and articulation

On the other hand, the president of Venezuela highlighted the consolidation of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States, which reached its XNUMXth Summit. He said he was sure that this stage will mark a new rhythm of greater depth and depth in the articulation of peoples, states, and governments. And he stressed that Venezuela will always be at the forefront of these processes.

In this regard, the President indicated that he shares the proposal of President Lula Da Silva to begin the construction of a Latin American monetary system. "Of a system that leads us to a currency and a sharing of the financial and monetary systems of the Latin American and Caribbean region," he pointed out.

"The first foundational step must be taken, to walk towards a path that has to be irreversible for the region, the path of complete economic, commercial, financial and monetary integration," he added. To then indicate that there are many pending tasks in the fields of communication, culture and politics.

The greatest of interventionisms

Before the representatives of the 33 member countries of the Community, President Maduro called attention to the greater interventionism. The one who tries to destabilize societies; it intends to return to the era of coups d'etat and the assault on power; and threaten countries with military interventions.

He highlighted as part of this interventionism the imposition of unilateral, illegal, immoral coercive measures. "Impose criminal sanctions as has been imposed on the people of Venezuela to try to lead us to a collapse, to an implosion of society," he warned.

In this regard, he denounced the more than 924 sanctions imposed on Venezuela that made us lose 99% of oil revenues, he asserted.

He affirmed that, despite this, Venezuela has been finding its path, of integral recovery and rebirth.

Maduro proposes giving Celac its own structure

In his speech at the VII Celac Summit, Nicolás Maduro ratified the proposal to give it its own organizational structure - as the European Union and the African Union have -. In this sense, he said that the organization should aim towards the construction of a powerful General Secretariat of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States, which deals with the need to articulate the countries of the region with dignity.

He also raised the need to establish a common defense strategy, and resume the dynamics of the first stage of the organization. "We believe that the time has come for Celac to begin to build itself from within with a very clear vision of what it should be."

At the beginning of his speech, the Venezuelan president regretted not being physically present at the meeting, and denounced that conspiracies and permanent threats tried to stain the VII Celac Summit at its most crucial moment.

"The permanent conspiracies, the permanent persecution, the permanent threat, the ambushes that are calculated made me decide not to fall for the provocations that tried to stain this long-awaited moment," the President asserted from the video.

"But the voice of Venezuela is always present," he asserted.

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