Popular Will distances itself from Guaidó and López: We are not terrorists

The directive of the orange awning accused this pair of acting in a personal capacity

The political party Voluntad Popular distanced itself from the destabilizing actions promoted by Juan Guaidó and Leopoldo López on whom new accusations recently fell of financing criminal gangs to attack communities.

This was reported by the directive of this political awning who rejected that their militants are immersed in these plans that were denounced by the president of the National Assembly (AN) Jorge Rodríguez in a session of parliament, where the deputy Pedro Carreño presented the image of Gilber Caro met with criminals from La Vega.

“The first thing I must say is that we reject the remarks of the president of the National Assembly, Jorge Rodriguez, since Voluntad Popular is not immersed in any terrorist plans since we are focused and our only agenda is to participate in regional and municipal elections of November 21, "said the national coordinator of VP, Guillermo Luces, who did not hesitate to distance himself from the Guaidó-López duo.

“We detach ourselves from any activity or action that Leopoldo Lopez and Juan Guaidó are doing linked to those allegations that Jorge Rodriguez made of alleged terrorism and being linked to Coqui, because in addition all those actions would be of a personal nature and therefore, the responsibilities are individual, ”he said.

He assured that the militancy of this political party are deployed in the country preparing for the next electoral event, for which he stressed his refusal to be associated with the Guaidó-López duo.

“They cannot accuse us of being immersed or of approaching criminal gangs. We disassociate ourselves from any personal action of Leopoldo López and Juan Guaidó ”, he repeated in an effort to get rid of these characters who for several years led this party that was the spearhead for the guarimbas of 2014 and 2017, as well as the frustrated assassination in 2018 , the attempted coup of April 2019 and the unsuccessful mercenary incursion of May 2020.



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