Castillo: Popular communication rescued the institutionality in 2002

The Deputy Minister for Anti-Blockade Policies of the Venezuelan Government, William Castillo, stated this Monday that the expression of the people through the media on April 13, 2002, represents the patriot rebellion to the rescue of the institutionality, AVN reported on its website Web.

During the Popular Communication Conversation Against the Media Scoundrel and the fascist repercussions, Castillo recalled the historic date as the decisive moment where the phrase "Chávez did not resign, they have him kidnapped", was viralized through popular platforms while private media of the time they censored the country. 

From that context, he specified that the forging of the Venezuelan people and their revolutionary consciousness led to a communication phenomenon that is currently related to national democracy.  

"We are obliged to remember April 13 and to continue investigating the political and communicational significance of the role of the Venezuelan people in rescuing democracy," he said. 

He recalled that before the arrival of the leader of the Bolivarian revolution Hugo Chávez, to the presidency in 1998 in Venezuela there was a group of elites who maintained control of the country's radio spectrum. 

"They dominated the imaginary, imposing themselves with a style of political humor and as everything was tributary to the model of capitalism dependent on the United States," he stressed. 

With this past reality, he noted that Venezuelans were not represented or had spaces to raise their voices and those who found them were persecuted and gagged. 

He added that once he became president, Chávez granted the right to the communities to have their radios so that citizens could demonstrate in each region of the country, this was achieved through the telecommunications law. 
"Chávez gave Venezuelans the right to express themselves and today that right remains more open and alive than ever," he said. 



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