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Plasencia: Venezuela seeks to have good relations, including with the United States

This Tuesday, the Minister of Popular Power for Foreign Relations, Félix Plasencia, assured that the Bolivarian Government seeks to generate good relations with all countries, including the United States.

In the framework of the conference “Venezuela: Geopolitics of unilateral sanctions and violation of international legality”, which takes place at the Valdai Discussion Club in Moscow, the minister said “What if we aspire to have a better relationship with the Government? of President Biden? Of course yes. Of course, we would like to have the best relationship with the US Government, "he said.

He highlighted how "President Nicolás Maduro congratulated the triumph of President (Joe) Biden." That Miraflores does not judge the decision of the US people to elect one president or another, nor does it "persecute, sanction or accuse any authority" of that country, so it is logical that it expects "the same respect from any country over Venezuela."

However, he emphasized that the US Government must lift the sanctions imposed against the Bolivarian nation so that "we can understand each other and move towards a better future for everyone in the region."

He clarified that the Bolivarian Government is committed to trying to have a constructive dialogue with any government in the world, based on respect for sovereignty and treatment among equals.

"Hopefully they can understand that Venezuela is a sovereign state, that we are descendants of the Liberator Simón Bolívar, proud of the force with which we expelled from our land 200 years ago one of the most powerful empires of that time," he added.

He reported that during Monday's meeting with his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, Venezuela requested to participate in the Eurasian Economic Union (UEE), formed by Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan and represents 3,2% of world GDP and 2,4, XNUMX% of world exports.

“There we can develop useful work for everyone. For all the countries of the group, for Russia and for Venezuela, "he said.

“We aspire to good relations with the United States, we seek a relationship of respect, of understanding, of equality; from one sovereign country to another, "said Plasencia. / Agencies