They refine plan to activate 200 communal cities

Authorities of the national government debated in the Congress of Communes 2.0 the strategies to implement the 200 communal cities planned to be developed this year, according to estimates by the national Executive.

The activity was carried out through a videoconference at the headquarters of the Ministry for Communes and Social Movements, and more than 400 spokesmen and spokesmen from the national territory participated.

The meeting had the participation of Noris Herrera, Minister for Communes and Social Movements, who said: “We are heading to the 200 communal cities where all levels of the Bolivarian Government will converge, where this vertex is the popular organization that will end up consolidating the model of the socialist housing complex ”.

Herrera said that 357 large assemblies have been held in which spokespersons and spokesmen were present in popular consultation for this Government initiative.