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Piñate: from Monday we began to build the Apure that Chávez dreamed of

This Thursday the electoral campaign of the candidates for governor and mayors was closed by the Great Patriotic Pole (GPP), in the state of Apure.

During the rally, Diosdado Cabello, the first vice president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv) and head of the Aristóbulo Istúriz National Campaign Command, ratified that «we are certain that the victory of the Bolivarian revolution will be extraordinary and Apure will be the most voted by the Chavista people ».

Likewise, he indicated that next November 21 will be a day of victory for the revolution, at the same time that he asked the people of a rush not to fall for the provocations of the opposition and to participate peacefully in the elections on Sunday. "When we go to vote on November 21, let us know that we are betting on the future in a hurry."

For his part, the candidate for the governor of the Apure state, Eduardo Piñate, assured that they have no doubts that on Sunday in Apure the Chavista candidates in the governor's office and the entity's mayors will win.

In his speech, Piñate also expressed that after winning the elections on November 21, his government will focus on solving problems in public services such as drinking water, lighting, roads and especially agricultural roads in the state.

Finally, he stressed that change and transformation are only guaranteed by the Chavistas in power. "We are the guarantee of peace, stability and progress." "As of Monday, we began to build the Apure that President Hugo Chávez dreamed of, the great Apure," he said.