Padrino López: the GNB assumes respect for human rights with a conscience

In the framework of the commemoration of the 84 years of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB), the Sectorial Vice President of Political Sovereignty, Security and Peace and Minister of Defense, G / J Vladimir Padrino López, highlighted that this national defense component has assumed its role with conscience, "the role of respect for Human Rights, defending the people with weapons, against imperialism, who continually tries to be confused with the values ​​of democracy, turning into political arrows and weapons," he said.

From the act of commemoration, he recognized the effort of the GNB to transcend history, "I would put the accent on the Bolivarian National Guard that took the historic step through Chávez's strategic mission that introduced it into the military component." stressed.

He recalled that these are difficult times for the country, where you have to look back, “look back, take a breath and follow the momentum. It was with the 1999 Constitution that a direct impulse was given to the defense of the Homeland, ”he reiterated.

He made reference to the public policies applied in the Fourth Republic, where the National Guard did not protect the people.

"In essence, the National Guard has taken an important step, it is no longer the National Guard of the comb and the shoot first and find out later because that was the policy of the fourth, that must be remembered and reflected on," he explained.

In the same way, he made reference to the protection that the GNB offers to the Venezuelan people.

In his closing words of the anniversary ceremony, he reported that he brought a message from Commander in Chief Nicolás Maduro, “that message is to give a hug to the beloved GNB, a Bolivarian bicentennial hug, a hug from the commander-in-chief to all the national guards present and those in remote places »

«We are respectful and a lover of human rights, if any institution has given sufficient evidence especially in these attacks of violence, terrorism, the Bolivarian National Armed Forces has assumed its role and has assumed it with conscience. We follow the role of respecting human rights, obeying the lines of our Constitution, "he said.

"Much to thank the GNB for having a clear and firm map on the task we must accomplish." He also pointed out that if something strengthens a military component like the GNB, it is being so close to the people "it is the civic-military union."



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