Opponents remind Guaidó that his term ends on 5-Jan


 Five months after January 5, 2021, the day on which the new National Assembly (AN), whose members will be elected in the parliamentarians on December 6, must be installed, the opposition continues to fragment and internal attacks against the leadership of the radical right, led by Juan Guaidó.

The most recent question comes from Provea. Its coordinator, Rafael Uzcátegui, was blunt and said on twitter: “Juan Guaidó's mandate in the AN ends on January 5, 2021. Any juggling to extend this term, without having been re-elected deputy in elections, must be condemned and rejected from now on ”. 

Meanwhile, the director of Datanálisis, Luis Vicente León, expressed that beyond the political diatribe, Parliament is defeated and must be replaced. 

Days ago, the US representative for Venezuela, Elliott Abrams, expressed that the recognition of Guaidó will not change even after January 2021 when the current term of Parliament ends. He added that the elections will not change the state of Guaidó.

They repudiate endorsement of Uribe

Voices against the radical right also arose from the opposition, for coming out in defense of the former president of Colombia, Álvaro Uribe, who was deprived of liberty by the justice of that country for the manipulation of witnesses in a case on paramilitarism.

The opponent Enrique Ochoa Antich was one of those who repudiated on twitter the position assumed by Guaidó and the representative of Vente Venezuela María Corina Machado. “Épale, @jguaido and @MariaCorinaYA: are they going to come out to defend the Cachaco partner? They say out there: tell me who you're with… ”, he highlighted.

José Miguel Vivanco also recalled some of Uribe's actions of serious human rights abuses.



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