UN recognizes the work of the CNE in mega-elections

The process on Sunday 21 passed in peace. Photo: Henry Delgado

The panel of electoral experts sent by the Secretary General of the United Nations, António Guterres, to the country to observe the municipal and regional elections last Sunday highlighted "the generally peaceful environment", as well as "the efforts of the National Electoral Council to improve the electoral process ”in Venezuela.

The Secretariat informed, in a brief statement published on its website, that the delegation led by Domenico Tuccinardi and made up of Fernanda Abreu and Roly Dávila as main members; Jorge Grayeb, Sebastián Weinmann and Carolina Vizcaíno as support team and the UN special adviser, Antonio Arabimar Arze, concluded their visit to the country on November 23.

The multilateral organization reported that since its arrival in Caracas on November 9, the delegation “had the opportunity to exchange with a wide range of political and social actors, as well as electoral authorities and experts, and to follow up on different phases and aspects of the electoral process".

The sending of the panel of experts to the country was thanks to the invitation sent by the electoral body and as it had already advanced, the UN ratified that the group "will prepare and present an internal report to the secretary general," who will decide whether to transmit the recommendations. to improve future processes to national authorities.

The panel is one of the various types of electoral assistance that the UN has and is a decision of the General Secretariat.



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