On August 8, the Psuv will choose candidates for governors and mayors

The first Vice President of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv), Diosdado Cabello, reported this Tuesday that in the August 8 elections, only candidates for governorships and mayors will be chosen, because it is technically very difficult to carry out the list of councilors. and legislators list.

He explained that it will be the national leadership of the party that will make the decisions regarding the rest of the positions.

He said that although the National Electoral Council (CNE) has all the election options, "technically it is very complicated."

However, he stated that “this process is already highly successful. We leave our expectations for August 8 ».

He also announced that the party's electoral campaign will take place from July 15 to August 5.

In this sense, he pointed out that no type of paid campaign will be allowed, not even a donation, because "the main mechanism should be to go to the streets and meet the people."

He said that it should be a high-level campaign in which only proposals should be made and there should be no offenses to the comrade or electoral indications of any kind.

"And if someone is singled out," he said, he must have the height of not answering him, and it must be the rank and file militants themselves who are in charge of seeing who is attacking and who is offending the other comrade. "

With respect to the events of Cota 905, Cabello said that they are not isolated, and denounced that the visit of the CIA director to Latin America was aimed at planning conspiratorial acts from Colombia. 



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