Ñañez: Coups d'etat are promoted by campaigns of hatred and lies

Venezuelans have rejected Obama's decree

The Minister of Popular Power for Communication and Information, Freddy Ñañez said that coups d'état and attacks against our democracy and institutions are not only accompanied by media bombardment, ”but often preceded by hate campaigns, smear campaigns and stigmatization against our democratic processes, which makes it possible for actions of types of wars of the fourth and fifth generation to be naturalized ”.

During his participation in the meeting of High Authorities of the Communication and Information Area of ​​the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America - Peoples' Trade Treaty (Alba-TCP), Ñañez stated that "before a military incursion by the empires, there was first a smear war, a media war, a symbolic war. Before the economic sanctions, the economic blockades against Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua and against all the countries that suffer from this aberration, there was previously a stigmatization and a psychological operation against the countries and victims of imperial aggressions ”.

Given this situation, he added that it is obvious to affirm that this meeting of the alliance is a strategic meeting that has the commitment to make visible all the contradictions that the Western world has, in relation to Latin America and the Caribbean. "In addition to showing the alternatives and our political experiences to the world."

In general terms, the head of the Ministry of Popular Power for Communication and Information invited those attending this meeting to fight for the truth of our peoples and the construction of a different world based on solidarity, complementarity and respect for differences, as well as political and social diversity.



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