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Movement of settlers will present self-management proposals to the Executive

Members from all over the country will meet with the President this Tuesday

The Movement of Residents of Venezuela will share this Tuesday its experiences of self-management in housing matters with the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro.

This exhibition will be possible in a meeting that they will have in Caracas with the head of state, who will receive proposals to give impetus to government policies and thus strengthen the self-management of habitat and housing.

Rigel-Sergent, movement spokesperson, explained that they will propose proposals for a production policy for the people through self-management, in which people can organize, plan and manage their own projects, with the management of resources "in the hands of the people," he said.

«The Movement of settlers already raised it the first time. She has also been presented and debated in various commissions of the National Assembly. The idea is that it can be presented to the Executive because we believe that the Head of State has the opportunity to promote self-management », he said.

He stressed that there are experiences through Great Housing Mission Venezuela (GMVV) that must be shared and strengthened in the new economic stage of the country, AVN reported.

Members of the movement have been gathering since Tuesday morning in Parque Carabobo, from where they left in a march to meet with President Maduro, at the Miraflores Palace, Caracas.

Earlier, the Head of State spoke on his Twitter account to announce that he will hold a very special meeting with the Movement of Residents.

"Today, Tuesday #21Jun, I will have a very special meeting with the Movement of Residents and Residents. Women and men who build living by living from each community and in the popular bases of the country. Earrings! All Power to the People! », Posted on his Twitter account, President Maduro.

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