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More and more opponents are running for elections

More and more opposition political parties are announcing their electoral aspirations for the local and regional elections scheduled by the new National Electoral Council, whose recently appointed board has the approval of national and foreign factors that previously did not recognize the National Assembly that appointed the new authorities.

The participation of the organizations that attended the December 6 parliamentarians, such as Primero Venezuela (dissidence of Primero Justicia), whose general secretary, Miguel Ponente, at a press conference, ratified yesterday the position that the vote It is the tool of the Venezuelans. "We are going to travel the electoral route that, within the Constitution, will be developed in the coming months and years."

He highlighted how the new CNE is "well regarded throughout the world", invited to participate and welcomed that those who deplored the electoral route now join it.

Speaker assured that PV seeks the unity of the opposition democratic factors with "unitary candidates" and they will never be an obstacle for it, while presenting as pre-candidates for governorships José Brito in Anzoátegui, Conrado Pérez for Trujillo, Félix Maiz in Miranda, Ángel Luis Guevara for Bolívar, Luis Loaiza in Mérida and Carlos Dordel for Aragua.

The Democratic Action party, whose directive was validated by the TSJ and is chaired by deputy Bernabé Gutiérrez, announced yesterday in a trill that “it will nominate and support its own candidates and those of the opposition alliance in the mega-elections to defeat the president's candidates vote by vote. Nicolás Maduro. We are standing up against his government ”.

While the AD that follows former deputy Henry Ramos, also announced yesterday, on twitter, an agreement to "maintain an active fight" for "electoral conditions" as well as to recover the card and the colors that Gutierrez's AD now uses; political rehabilitations and a new permanent electoral registry ”, which heralds their electoral participation.

Regional and local candidacies of the versions recognized by the Supreme Court of Justice of Popular Will and Copei are also expected, the latter assured on Monday in the words of its president Miguel Salazar "a formal, political and electoral participation in the consultations of this 2021" .

Even on the extreme right there are voices that invite, this time yes, to participate, those of those who called for abstention and now celebrate the CNE, such as that of former deputy Stalin González (from Un Nuevo Tiempo), and former governor Henrique Capriles (from PJ).

Since before the appointment of the new CNE, people had heard about the candidacy of the former mayor of Sucre, in Miranda, Carlos Ocariz (PJ) showed his candidacy and this Monday, after assuring that "an immense majority of the population calls for a change," he questioned if that population "does it feel represented by the leadership?" of that extreme right and requested a re-legitimation of the G4 through "a plan from the parishes and municipalities."

There are no excuses for abstention

Claudio Fermín assured that “those who from Bogotá, Miami and Madrid have claimed that the Venezuelan people will not vote again but with them as candidates and under the leadership of an interim government that has only existed in their egomaniacal fantasies ”.

Enrique Ochoa Antich said in his space in networks that the G4 ran out of excuses and repudiated the "mirages" of those who want the way of force.

It is expected that the parties Venezuela Unida (former MIN), Avanzada Progresista (by Henri Falcón), Esperanza por el Cambio (by Javier Bertucci), Cambiemos (by Timoteo Zambrano), Soluciones (by Claudio Fermín), Movimiento al Socialismo (MAS), Prociudadanos (by Leocenis García), Unión y Progreso (dissent from Copei) Popular Political Unit (UPP89), Ecological Movement of Venezuela and New Vision for my Country (Nuvipa) will participate.