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Minute by minute: this is how mega-elections unfold in the regions (+ Photos)

This Sunday Venezuela celebrates the regional and municipal mega-elections where 23 governors, 335 mayors as well as the members of the legislative assemblies and municipal councils will be elected by direct and secret suffrage. Últimas Noticias It offers you first-hand information in each of the states of the country.

In Zulia all the tables were closed

In Zulia, the 1318 centers authorized for the 2021 mega-elections are already in the process of closing and transmission, as reported by Mariana Medina, director of the CNE in the region. 
In the entity the voting population was 2 million 627 thousand 121 in the 21 municipalities. More than 3 polling stations were active for each voter to exercise their right to vote. Voters await the results of the National Electoral Council. 

At 9:30 pm, all voting centers are already closed and data transmission began in Anzoátegui

The director of the Regional Electoral Office in Anzoátegui state, Dichelys Guevara reported that 100% of the 646 voting centers are closed and the transmission process is at 86%. In the entity 1.551 polling stations were installed and 1.146.647 voters were called to vote.

Guárico has already closed 48 tables

From the headquarters of the Electoral Board of the José Tadeo Monagas municipality of the Guárico state, according to the reports issued, a total of 48 polling stations have been closed, with only two remaining for the cessation of the process due to the presence of voters in queue being the 8:45 pm. In San Juan de los Morros, Juan Germán Roscio Nieves municipality, the República del Brasil School Group, which is one of the centers with the highest concentration, closed its doors. Likewise, the same action has been reported from the different municipalities of the Llanera entity.

Voting centers begin to close in Valles del Tuy

Authorities of the Republic Plan, polling station coordinators and the presidents of the electoral boards of the six municipalities of the Valles del Tuy, Miranda state, began the closing of the election day that took place this Sunday.
For Alexander Hidalgo, an electoral technique in the municipality of Independencia, the voting process proceeded normally. He highlighted the influx of citizens who massively exercised their right to vote.

In Tomás Lander, the representatives of the CNE closed the electoral nuclei Fe y Alegría, Casa de la Cultura, Aragüita I, among others. In the Tuyo sub-region, the CNE had more than 700 electoral machines.

In Barinas they delay closing of tables because there are still voters in the queues

 At 20:XNUMX p.m., the governor and candidate for reelection to the governorship of Barinas, Argenis Chávez Frías, assured that there are still people exercising the right to vote in some polling stations, for this reason the closure of these centers has not been made, since there are no They can be denied the right to vote established in the constitution. He stressed that both tendencies have witnesses in each electoral center, monitoring and guaranteeing the legality of the process. He also made a call not to fall into provocations and to maintain peace in this electoral festival that is lived in Barinas and throughout the country, as some opposition candidates, specifically the MUD, called on the population to approach the polling stations.

International observers present in Cojedes welcomed the transparency of the process

International observers and observers present in the state of Cojedes spoke about the electoral process carried out in the 260 centers authorized to exercise suffrage in the entity. After a tour of several centers in the municipalities of Ezequiel Zamora, Tinaco, Lima Blanco and Tinaquillo, Rosaura Herrera, Mexican Veedora pointed out: “It is an election process that we (International Veedores) see very well, very calm, transparent, with great peace and without conflicts, Venezuela is a land of democracy and it is exercising it in these elections.

María Núñez, an observer for the European Union (EU) of the Dominican Republic, said: «I feel very good after seeing in the polling stations how the right to vote and human rights are respected, it is pleasant to see peace and love expressed in the respect expressed by the voters ”.

In Anzoátegui, voting centers close without voters in queue

The regional director of the National Electoral Council (CNE) in Anzoátegui, Dichelys Guevara, reported that voting centers without voters in line are closing. Guevara indicated that the centers where there are voters waiting to exercise their right will remain open.

In Aragua 12 international observers tour voting centers

Since the opening of the centers, a group made up of 12 international observers from the European Union and various political organizations from Latin America and the Caribbean, have visited different voting centers in the state of Aragua to verify the proper functioning of the entire electoral process.

Roberto Acevedo, an observer from the European Union, was present at the José María Carreño Educational Unit, located in the Castaño de Maracay sector, where he highlighted the speed of the process, ensuring that no irregularities were witnessed.

For her part, the electoral observer from Paraguay, Tania Salcedo, a member of the Guasú Front, who visited the Dr. Carlos Miguel Escarrá electoral center, located in the Guasimal Socialist Urbanism of Maracay, highlighted the broad participation of broad factors of political life in the elections this Sunday: "so far they have been very good, everything transparent and in a very organized manner," she commented.

Only two incidents in Lara

The delegated Ombudsman in the state of Lara, Arelis Rodríguez, after exercising her vote in the regional and municipal mega-elections, at the Juan Bautista Rodríguez basic school, in the Concepción parish of the Iribarren Municipality (Barquisimeto), highlighted that said instance maintains verification process also, in the jurisdictions of Jiménez (Quibor) and Palavecino (Cabudare), covering a total of 528 voting centers of the 1.011 existing in the entity.

The defenders of the political right to choose of the voters of Lara are also part of the Situation Chamber of the Integral Defense Zone No. 13 Lara, which from early in the morning have supervised the process of installation, constitution and voting in the 1987 polling stations arranged for the Million 352.816 voters in Lara.

Until this noon only, there have been two incidents with polling companies that approach voters when leaving the polling stations, a situation addressed by the ombudsmen applying the corrections immediately.

100% polling stations installed in Mérida

From very early on, the 953 polling stations distributed in 513 polling stations for the electoral roll of 640.808 voters in the state of Mérida were activated. The vice president of the Social Area and Minister of Popular Power for Sports, Mervin Maldonado highlighted that we have seen how the organizational process of the National Electoral Council has flowed in the installation of 100% of the tables without major inconveniences.

Electoral missions deployed in La Guaira

International observers from Peru, Mexico, Zimbabwe, Ireland and Norway, visited six voting centers in La Guaira, this Sunday as part of the electoral guarantees for these 2021 Regional and Municipal elections.

The centers they will visit were Hugo Chávez Community House (Urimare), Republic of Salvador (Maiquetía), Republic of Panama (La Guaira), Martin Luther King (Naigauta), among others and that serve as pilot centers or with a greater number of voters in the Guaireño coastline.

During the tour of the Republic of Panama, the international observers got to know firsthand the Mercedes biosafety, the installation process of the tables, the queries on the list and other processes of the system.

6.500 members of the Fanb for Trujillo

From the Carrillo Guerra Bolivarian School, the commander of the Comprehensive Defense Operational Zone (Zodi) number 23 Trujillo G / D Lenin Herrera highlighted the deployment of more than 6 officials of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (Fanb) to ensure the vote and take care of the electoral material in the 500 voting centers.

"We call on all Venezuelans to go to the voting centers where the Armed Forces will be ready to support them to execute this constitutional right," he said.

Trujillanos highlighted the speed of the process

Trujillo voters assured that the selection process for the governor, mayor, councilors and legislators is very fast. The coordinator of the Fray Ignacio Álvarez School of the La Beatriz parish in the Valera municipality Gregorio Vielma pointed out that before six in the morning there were already voters in line; He also highlighted the civic spirit of the participants.

Despite the rain registered in several municipalities, the Trujillanos left early this Sunday to exercise their right to vote.

Plan República: an impeccable day in Nueva Esparta

The head of the Republic Plan in Nueva Esparta state, Vice Admiral Gustavo Blanco Sáez, highlighted that the electoral process has been carried out in Nueva Esparta flawlessly with the deployment of more than 16 thousand officials of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces and the Organisms. of Citizen Security.

«All integrated to ensure that all activities are carried out in an organized manner and from the beginning of the day, there were no beautiful events to regret. We have also deployed in all strategic facilities such as electrical, connectivity and water systems to ensure that the entire process is carried out in peace, without setbacks for Venezuela to win, "said Blanco Saez.

Candidates vote

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Miguel Rodriguez. The candidate for re-election to the governor of Amazonas by the Psuv exercised his right to vote in the Bolivarian Educational Unit Félix Solano and said that today is a historic day where the people have the possibility of writing a new page at the national and international level. "Even in a remote indigenous community, people have the possibility to exercise their right to vote ... our CNE and the Plan República have installed a machine so that our indigenous brothers have the right to vote," he said.


Luis Jose Marcano. The candidate for governor of the Anzoátegui state for the Psuv and the Gppsb, Luis José Marcano reiterated the call "for citizens to participate to strengthen democracy regardless of their political position." He assured that the process is developing with absolute normality and that there is a good influx of voters in the elections this Sunday.

Jose Brito. The candidate for governor of the Anzoátegui state for the Democratic Alliance cast his vote at the José Tadeo Arreaza Calatrava Educational Unit, located on Boulevard 5 in Barcelona, ​​after visiting several voting centers where he verified that the electoral system is activated. He invited the population to vote this Sunday, and said that he guarantees that the coalition of parties that nominated him will defend the will of citizen participation.


Eduardo Piñate. The candidate for governor for the Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv) and the Great Patriotic Pole went to the Liceo Miguel Ángel Escalante Educational Unit, San Fernando municipality to exercise his right to vote. He stressed that "The people from Apure are deployed strengthening democracy, this is a vibrant democracy and we can say that in this broad participation we are giving an example of true leadership."

Louis Lippa. The candidate of the unit for the Apure State Governor invited the population to vote on November 21. He assured that the failures reported so far during the voting process have been resolved. The former governor also exercised his right to vote at the San Fernando de Apure Judicial Confinement Center.


Karina Carpio.The candidate of the Psuv for the governor of Aragua highlighted the broad participation of the Aragüeño people during the start of the election day this Sunday, after touring different electoral centers of the entity. "Voting is the most powerful tool that every citizen has, do not stay at home, go to your polling place and exercise your right," she said.

Luis Eduardo Martinez. The candidate for the Democratic Alliance for the governorship of Aragua, Luis Eduardo Martínez, has already cast his vote at the Luis María Carreño de Las Delicias School, in the city of Maracay. “I am very happy because today I cast my vote as I have done without interruption since I turned 18 years old. I have never stopped voting because I believe that it is a fundamental tool of Venezuelan democracy ”, he highlighted.

Raphael Morales. The PSUV candidate for mayor of Maracay assured that the participation of the opposition in the election day this Sunday is a recognition of democratic institutions and the constitutional president Nicolás Maduro. Morales exercised his right to vote in the facilities of the Edmundo Arencibia Educational Unit, located in the Los Cocos sector to the south of the Aragüean capital. "I believe that all of us should join the healthy political debate in democracy."


Argenis Chavez. The candidate for re-election for the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv) and the Great Patriotic Pole, Argenis de Jesús Chávez Frías, reported that the regional elections in Barinas are taking place in total normality. «There are people from very early hours in the queues. Everything happens in healthy peace. It is an electoral party that takes place in Barinas and throughout Venezuela, "said Chávez at the Independencia II school, after exercising his right to vote.

Freddy Superlano. The standard-bearer of the Table of Democratic Unity to the Government of Barinas, specified that the day has passed normally and urged the entire population to go to the electoral centers to make the change not only in Barinas but also in Venezuela.

Victor Portilla. The candidate for Mayor of Barinas, stressed that in the situational room no serious incidents have been reported and they monitor all the parishes of the municipality where the day is carried out in peace.


rafael lacava. The GPPSB candidate for re-election for the Carabobo Governor's Office, Rafael Lacava, exercised his right to vote, after 11:30 am in the UE Santa Cruz, located in the Goaigoaza parish of the Puerto Cabello municipality. “Every time we see this exercise, democracy deepens, institutions are strengthened and the country tends to head on a positive path. Those who called for undemocratic paths have been defeated again, "he said. 

Alexander Marvez. The current mayor of Valencia for the Psuv exercised his right to vote in EB Dr. Francisco Espejo, located in the southern part of the capital city of Carabobo. He congratulated the Venezuelan people for starring in a new electoral day in Venezuela that has developed in harmony. He expressed that the electoral process was quick and invited citizens to designate regional and local authorities for the next four years.

Armando Amengual. The candidate of the Union and Progress party for the Carabobo Government pointed out that only through the vote can the electoral path be recovered in Venezuela. He expressed that it is a simple process, there is a significant percentage of installed capacity in the voting centers and what we most want is for people to be able to go out and express themselves in a process that has to do with the daily life of citizens.

Julio Fuenmayor. The Gppsb candidate for Mayor of Valencia highlighted the commitment, mobilization and participation of the people during these elections. "Today is a clear demonstration of the democratic path of our country, it is an electoral party, this process is very quick and simple, I invite all voters, residents of the Valencia municipality to exercise their right to vote, we have a day of a lot of commitment, of a lot of love and above all of a lot of civic behavior, ”he stated from the Pedro Gual High School in Valencia.

Javier Bertucci. The candidate for the governor of Carabobo for the El Cambio Party, this Sunday asked the Carabobo people not to let others decide for them. From CE I «Queipa», located in San Diego, he assured that the only tool
What remains for Venezuelans is the vote, which is why he indicated that today is the day to demonstrate the democratic spirit and the desire to change the reality that we are living.


Jorge Pérez The mayoral candidate of Ezequiel Zamora de Cojedes for the GPP parties congratulated the Cojedeños for their participation in the electoral elections on November 21. "It is pleasant for us to know the commitment with which our people have assumed this call for democracy and to guide the paths of the Homeland," he stressed.

Nosliw Rodriguez. The candidate for Governor of the Cojedes state for the Psuv and the GPP, said that the people exercised peace and democracy "the only way to settle our differences is by voting."

Albert Galindez. The candidate for the Democratic Unity Table (MUD) to the Government of Cojedes, carried out the vote in the José Antonio Anzoátegui Bolivarian Basic School of Jabillo, Lima Blanco municipality. Accompanied by Pedro Luis Sánchez, candidate for mayor of that jurisdiction, the candidate arrived accompanied by some supporters and through his social networks he pointed out that the future of the country and of Cojedes is in the exercise of the vote.

Delta amacuro:

Lizeta Hernandez Abchi. “Thanking God and the Delta people for their unconditional support for participatory and protagonist democracy, today more than ever we must stand firm, we are Venezuelans made in the heat of Simón Bolívar, the liberator, we are all going to vote we trust in a transparent National Electoral Council . From very early on, our electors came out to exercise their right to vote in peace and I congratulate the deltans for their participation, once again demonstrating their high civility and conscience, because this is the way to maintain the peace of Venezuela, "said Lizeta Hernández afterwards. to pay at the Ceferino Rojas Díaz School in the Tucupita municipality.

Abraham Gomez. The candidate for governor for the Democratic Alliance in Delta Amacuro said that they seek to bring change and transformation to the state of Delta Amacuro. The candidate denounced some irregularities that he considered occurred in some centers such as the assisted vote.


Victor Clark. At table 1 of the Regina Pía de Andara elementary school, the candidate for the GPP parties for the re-election of the Falcón state governor, voted and assured that Venezuela is once again an example of democracy. "Today Venezuela wins, the democratic culture rises and we send a message to the international community, we are champions of democracy," he emphasized.

Eliezer Sirit. Eliezer Sirit, Eliezer Sirit, came to the CEIS Monsignor Iturriza de Coro for the governor of Falcón state to exercise his right to vote. At this time he made a call to all voters who have not yet attended the voting centers to speak out for the option that most sympathizes with them.


Jose Vasquez. The candidate for re-election for the Great Patriotic Pole Simón Bolívar (Gppsb) before the government of Guárico, stressed that the people have mobilized in the 15 municipalities of the entity to exercise the right to vote, focused on supporting democracy in Venezuela. «Go to the center that corresponds to you, do not stay at home. Today the will and decision of the people must prevail in the choice of their new leaders, "he said.

Octavio Orta. The candidate for governor of Guárico for the Democratic Alliance, Octavio Orta, from the city of San Juan de los Morros, exercised his right to vote at the Liceo Juan Germán Roscio electoral center, highlighting that the development of the electoral process has been maintained with positive development from the early hours of the morning. «The vote is for a better future. This November 22 a new democracy is born with those who are elected by the people, "he said.

The Guaira:

Jose Alejandro Teran. "We invite all the candidates who are participating to acknowledge the results and commit to democracy," said José Alejandro Terán, PSUV candidate for the Governor of La Guaira state, from the Vicente Lecuma voting center, Catia La Mar parish.

Louis Olive. The candidate for governor of the state of La Guaira for the Democratic Alliance, Luis Olivo, made a call to vote and the participation of the Guaireños. «The voting tables are already installed. The call is to the citizens, to La Guaira to vote, it is the only way to solve the problems, "he said and stressed that the quick process and we took more than three minutes.

Jose Manuel Olivares. The candidate for governor of the state of La Guaira, for the Democratic Unity, highlighted the opportunity for change, "the vote expresses change, it is a tool for transformation and for the future."


Luis Jonas Reyes. Candidate for reelection to the Mayor of the Iribarren Municipality (Barquisimeto) and championed by the GPP parties, he exercised his right to vote at the Citizen Participation Center in the La Carucieña sector, in the Ana Soto parish (Anasoli) accompanied by his children and wife. He made reference that the participation of this Sunday, in the Regional and Municipal Elections meant "a victory to call for Peace and love for the well-being of all."

Louis Florido. The candidate for governor of the state Lara supported by the MUD, around noon this Sunday, November 21, exercised his right to vote in the national educational unit "San Francisco Javier", west of Barquisimeto.
After voting, he commented on his Twitter social network that the destiny of the Lara state was in the hands of all citizens, "that's why we can't stay in our homes, let's go out en masse to vote."

Adolf Pereira. The candidate for reelection to the Governor of the Lara state, exercised his right to vote at the Liceo Creation del Oeste, in Barquisimeto, Iribarren municipality. highlighting that it has been a joyful day, in peace and harmony among the voters of Lara. Also thanking, in good performance of the Plan República.

Henry Falcon. The candidate for governor by Avanzada Progresista and ex-governor, Henri Falcón, sent a message "to all voters, without political distinction, to go out this Sunday to vote", after exercising their right to vote in the Los Horcones gymnasium, in the west of Barquisimeto.

Sobella Mejias. The candidate for mayor of Iribarren (Barquisimeto) for the MUD, voted in the school of the Santa Rosa community, where she also called to vote in the regional elections this Sunday.


Jehyson Guzman. The candidate for the Great Patriotic Pole, Jehyson Guzmán exercised the right to vote in the Simón Rodríguez Educational Unit, where he expressed that it is a quick and simple process. He added that regarding the voting process, the horseshoe system has been perfected, the exercise of suffrage in front of the machine "is much friendlier, they are more modern, faster."


Hector Rodriguez. The only one defeated is Hate, said the candidate of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, Héctor Rodríguez, after exercising his right to vote in Río Chico, Barlovento, Miranda state. Rodríguez pointed out that! We vote for peace, for the future of our sons and daughters, for the well-being of our Venezuela! Today the only defeated is hatred and guarimba. We are a people of democracy.

Gustav Duke. In the EU Santiago León de Caracas, the candidate for re-election to the mayor of Chacao exercised his right to vote and stressed that the process is simple and fast. "I invite you to participate to correctly choose the destination of our municipality and the country," he said.

Mars Roof. From table N ° 10 of the Cecilio Acosta electoral center located in the Ciudad Miranda urbanization in Charallave, Humberto Marte Tejada, the PSUV candidate for re-election for the second time to the Mayor of the Cristóbal Rojas municipality in Valles del Tuy. He described electoral day as extraordinary and civic; at the same time, he stressed that the Venezuelan people are used to exercising their right to vote and strengthening the democratic process. “What we are seeing here is the strengthening of public facilities such as the CNE and only in democracy can differences be settled. Here we can see peace, "he said while inviting the population to participate and exercise their right to vote.

David Uzcategui. From the San Luis school in El Cafetal, David Uzcátegui, candidate for the Fuerza Vecinal party, exercised his right to vote. The candidate expressed Mirandinos, I have already exercised my right to vote! Juanito to my family with a lot of faith and with the determination to change Miranda's reality. I invite everyone to participate for the future of our state, "he said.

Farith Fraia. The candidate for mayor of the Guaicaipuro municipality for the Psuv and the GPP pointed out that this democratic process is a system that allows settling political conflicts, voting for peace, democracy and the future. We are giving a sample to the municipality, the state, the country and fundamentally the international community, in which Venezuela is a democratic country and continues to bet on peace. He reiterated that the national, regional and municipal governments must be aligned, as they have been working on, in meeting the main needs of the Guaicaipuran people.

Elijah Sayegh. After voting in the Claret Educational Unit, the mayor and candidate for re-election to the mayoralty of the municipality of El Hatillo, stated the importance of exercising the right to vote as a method of struggle and advancement in favor of the municipality. In this sense, he called on the residents of Hatillo to go to the polling stations and exercise their right to decide the future of their municipality.

Darwin Gonzalez. The candidate for re-election to the Mayor of the Baruta municipality, cast his vote from the Las Lomitas de Alto Prado Preschool, where he took the opportunity to urge the Baruta community to come out en masse to participate in these elections. "Baruteños, our call is for them to go out en masse to vote," he said.

Rayner Polished. The candidate for the PSUV and Gran Polo Patriótico in the Independencia municipality (Santa Teresa) of the Miranda state, described the electoral elections as a practical and totally easy day After exercising their right to vote, in the company of their children, in the Educational Unit National Vicente Emilio Sojo of the El Cartanal parish, Pulido commented that he has fulfilled the commitment to the homeland and the Tereseño people. "The day has been carried out satisfactorily, the 46 polling stations, from early on were enabled for more than 112 thousand voters in Tereseño and will be open approximately until voters are found in them," said Pulido.


Ernest Moon. The candidate for governor of Monagas for the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) and the Great Patriotic Pole (GPP), voted at the Santa Elena de Las Piñas School in Viboral, where he thanked the citizens for their participation in the electoral party , also affirming that it was a fast process. "We visited the voting centers observing a lot of influx of people, all the open tables and a lot of fluidity in the queues," he said when he cast his vote.

Johel Orta. The candidate for governor for the opposition bloc the Democratic Alliance, after exercising his right to vote, said that "the most powerful tool to change things is definitely the vote."

Angel Aristimuño. The candidate for Mayor of Maturín for the Democratic Unity Table (MUD), exercised the vote in the initial education center "Libertador" of the Alberto Ravell sector, who also indicated that the voting process is fast, which generated few queues. "Today I voted for my children, for the city of well-being and progress where we all deserve to live."

Nueva Esparta

Dante Rivas. The candidate for the Governor of Nueva Esparta for the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, exercised his right to vote from the EU Zulia State in Porlamar, Mariño municipality, highlighting the ease and speed of the process. «Today is a day of victory for Nueva Esparta and all of Venezuela. Here we already win. Democracy won, our people won, which is once again making history by manifesting itself through the vote. Exercising their right, their duty, their power to elect their rulers, together with those who will work from now on for the construction of the state that we dream and deserve. A prosperous state, of peace, well-being, stability, opportunities and progress for all ”, said the candidate.


Primitive Cedeno. The PSUV candidate for the Interior asserted that this Sunday, Portuguesa reaffirms its democratic commitment by voting in the 657 electoral centers set up for regional elections. 100% of the centers are open, all the tables working and the people attending en masse to vote, "he declared after voting at the Mesetas de Araure Educational Unit.

Raphael Calles. The candidate for reelection for the Government of the Portuguese state asserted that this Sunday democracy will triumph in the country, since the exercise of the vote ratifies the commitment of the people with the institutions of the State and with national peace. After voting at the Nuestra Señora de Lourdes Catholic School, in Guanare, Calles highlighted the fluidity with which the electoral day took place.


Louis Sifontes. The candidate for re-election to the mayor of Sucre municipality, Sucre state, by the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv), Luis Javier Sifontes, exercised his right to vote from the EB Manuel Saturnino Peñalver in the Tres Picos sector of the parish Altagracia de Camaná. He stressed that the objective of the day is for the people of Cumania to come out in "holy peace and with a level of organization to exercise their right to vote and that the political terms can be settled for democracy to triumph."

Robert Alcala: The candidate for governor of Sucre state for the Democratic Unity Table (MUD), exercised suffrage in the afternoon at the Modesto Silva Commercial Technical School. He pointed out that there are witnesses representing all the candidates in the centers, which is why he calls for this constitutional exercise which he described as transparent, fast and simple. He expressed that the destiny of an entire country is in his hands.

Gilbert Pinto. From the Mother Alberta Jiménez de Cumaná Electoral Center, the candidate for governor of Sucre state for the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv) and the Great Patriotic Pole (GPP), stressed that the country demonstrates once again before the eyes of the world an exemplary civic behavior to comply with the call made by the National Electoral Council to the mega-elections of this 21N. The Admiral highlighted a broad participation by the people of Sucre


Silfredo Zambrano. The candidate for Mayor of the San Cristóbal municipality for the Great Patriotic Pole, Psuv and Amemos al Táchira pointed out that exercising the vote will allow to smooth the political roughnesses in the entity in favor of the maximum amount of happiness to the people. When exercising his right to vote, in the Bustamante Educational Unit of the La Ermita sector, the candidate for mayor of San Cristóbal added that only with the path of democracy, “we will obtain the vote of hope, peace and prosperity ».

Lady Gomez: The candidate for reelection to the Governor of Táchira by the Democratic Action party, after exercising her right to vote, said that “voting is our right and rights are not given away, rights are exercised and developed. Lady Gómez continues to defend the vote as I have been doing for 19 years, because the vote has shown us that we can move forward to face the crisis.


Gerardo Marquez. The candidate of the Psuv and the GPP for the governorship of Trujillo state, Gerardo Márquez exercised his right to vote this Sunday at the Las Travesías School, Mercedes Díaz parish of the Valera municipality. “Once again we have exercised our right to vote. We have visited some voting centers and we have seen the mobilization of the people in a very civic way, we must congratulate the people of Venezuela who came out today to participate in this democratic party, "he said.

Maria Eloína Conde. The candidate for the MUD for mayor of the Trujillo municipality (capital) when exercising her right to vote at the Salvador Valero School of the Cristóbal Mendoza parish, highlighted the civility of the voters and the speed of the process. "The process has flowed well, a large influx of voters since four in the morning, we have to go to vote because the process is very fast," she said.

Andres Gonzalez. The candidate for the Democratic Unity Table for governor of the state Trujillo Carlos assured that the voting process is very expeditious, "you only use five seconds to exercise your right to vote." He denounced that the Motatán municipality registered failures in the electrical service and in the activation of some machines.

Conrad Perez. The candidate for the Democratic Alliance highlighted the influx of voters in the voting centers both in Valera and in the rest of the Trujillo municipalities. "I make a call to our people, we must exercise the vote, we must vote for conscience not for ideals," he warned.


Biagio Pilieri. The candidate for the governorship of Yaracuy for the MUD, this Sunday exercised his right to vote at the Colegio Santa María de Chivacoa, Bruzual municipality, from where he assured that this Monday a new chapter of hope will begin for the state and the country. He said that people go out en masse to vote because they want a change and that will create a new correlation of forces that will be good for everyone.

Miguel Speaker. The candidate for Governor of the Yaracuy state for the Democratic Alliance after exercising his vote this Sunday at the Rómulo Gallegos high school in San Felipe, mentioned that the election process took place within total normality and with full guarantees and that it is another historic day regardless of the results that are given. He said that the electoral route is the only way to settle differences and solve the problems that the country has, it is the only route we must follow and that is what we are doing. The important thing is to vote.

Julio Leon. The candidate for re-election for the Yaracuy State Governor exercised his right to vote at the República de Nicaragua Basic School in the morning, from where he invited to actively participate in this democratic party. He described the day as extraordinary, with a quick and very simple act of voting that does not exceed 30 seconds. He commented that the participation of voters is massive and with it they demonstrate the high democratic vocation that Yaracuyanos have.


Omar Prieto. The candidate for re-election to the governor's office exercised his right to vote at the Eduardo Mathias Lossada Bolivarian High School, where he stated that the electoral process is very quick and simple, there are no queues, there are three maximum steps until the delivery of the identity card. He reported that the 1318 electoral centers are active with massive participation and stressed that “the people want peace, we are in a democratic and sovereign process with transparent elections. I congratulate the Republic Plan ». 

Willy Casanova. The candidate for re-election to the Mayor of Maracaibo, Willy Casanova, exercised his right to vote at 8 in the morning and extended an invitation to all the Maracaibo people to participate in this historic mega-election. From the El Rosario State Basic School, Francisco Eugenio Bustamante parish, together with his wife Selene Estrach and his daughter Luna, Casanova stressed that the process is quick and simple, for which he applauded the organization and performance of the CNE as the governing body on this day .

Dirwings Arrieta. The candidate for reelection for the Mayor of San Francisco, assured that the eyes of the world are on Venezuela, a country that today once again demonstrates that it has a genuine democracy. Each electoral process becomes much easier and faster. In these elections the people and democracy are winning. Those of us who are opting to vote, not only do we fulfill our duty and enforce our rights, but we are defeating the sanctions and blockade of those who have wanted to hand over the country. From very early all our polling stations have been active, we have had some sabotage attempts, minor alterations that have been controlled and the process has returned to normal.

Manuel Rosales: After having realized his right to vote, the candidate for governor for the opposition Democratic Unity Table, congratulated the Zulianos for voting. Maracaibo. Manuel Rosales, congratulated the Zulianos who went out to vote en masse during the electoral process this Sunday.

Delta Amacuro: 2.500 active personnel in the Republica Plan

More than 2500 members of the Plan República were deployed in the Delta Amacuro state in the regional and municipal elections held this Sunday, November 21, throughout the country.

"Guaranteeing peace and tranquility to the Delta people so that they come to exercise their vote and be able to fulfill our country in these elections," as reported by Vice Admiral Pedro Jesús Zapata Machín, commander of the Entity's Comprehensive Defense Operational Zone.

He also pointed out that the process has elapsed in total normality, where only technological incidents were reported that could be resolved without delaying the start of the day in terms of the tasks of safeguarding public order during the elections, he said that they will be alternated with other organs of state security.

Mérida: voting centers report broad participation in the process

The National Electoral Council (CNE) in Mérida appointed 2.50O officials from the Electoral Power and trained 8.000 citizens for the election of 23 mayors and municipal councils, 01 governor and legislators. Voters in the different municipalities highlighted the speed of the process.

Trujillo: 95,7% of tables installed

The director of the Regional Electoral Office Engelbert Perdomo reported that the 637 voting centers authorized by the CNE in Trujillo state were opened at six in the morning.

He added that 97,5% of the polling stations have already been constituted in the state and that they continue working to achieve 100%.

“We have seen the presence of a large number of voters in the centers; also the process has been very fluid and we have not had any mishap so far, "he said.

Zulia: less than a minute

With total normality, the installation of 3433 polling stations was carried out in the state of Zulia, where 1318 voting centers are active in the 21 municipalities of the region, as reported by Mariana Medina, director of the regional electoral office in the entity. 
In the voting centers the process began at 6 in the morning, where voters were already present to exercise their right to vote. 

The voting process is very fast and secure, the vote can be cast in less than 1 minute. 

Monagas: 385 thousand Monagas called

Starting at 6 in the morning, the 536 electoral centers that were authorized by the National Electoral Council (CNE) for these regional and municipal elections were activated in Monagas state.

In this eastern entity, 678 voters are summoned to vote in the 549 jurisdictions of the region. In the Maturín municipality, there are 13 voting tables that will receive the more than 249 thousand people from Monagas who on this day will fulfill their citizen duty to elect the next governor and mayor of the capital municipality. 

Lara: early start

Voters from the state of Lara from 6:30 am, at the Creation del Oeste high school in Barquisimeto, began to exercise their right to vote in the Regional and Municipal mega-elections, this Sunday, November 21.

"We have to go out and vote and make our participation effective," said Ymary Galíndez from the Hugo Chávez Battle Unit, who in turn reported that 5 voters were registered in the previous educational center, one of those registered being the candidate for Governor for the Gran Polo Patriótico (GPP), Adolfo Pereira, who will cast his vote early in the afternoon.

In the visit made by the EU Antonio Pinto Salinas, Jean Piaget preschool, La Carucieña Industrial Technique, Daniel Canónico, people were observed verifying their data to make their vote effective according to the polling station, as in the Comedor and the Juárez school in the Santa Rosa parish, located the latter two towards the east of Barquisimeto, and where the candidate of the Mesa de la Unidad (MUD), Sobella Mejías, exercised her right to vote.

Portuguesa: delay in voting

The voting in Portuguesa is delayed by the absence of polling station members, which has made the process of constitution and opening polls "very slow" in the 14 municipalities of the state, reported the director of the National Electoral Council (CNE) in the region, Carlos Morillo.

"We have already ordered that they open with witnesses and with the voters in the queues," he reported.

Morillo did not specify how many tables are already open, but recalled that for the regional elections this Sunday, 1.073 will be constituted in Portuguesa, distributed in 657 voting centers.

Carabobo: without setbacks

The electoral process in Carabobo began without setbacks in the 712 voting centers set up in the entity by the CNE. 

After 7:00 am, the civil and military authorities opened the centers with all the table members, although some had to be replaced as they did not have full staff.

At this time, in the educational establishments few voters are evident. However, as in previous processes, it is expected that after 10:00 am the influx of people will increase.

Yaracuy: Sanfelipeños came out to vote

With a high citizen participation, the municipal and regional elections began this Sunday in the Yaracuyana capital, San Felipe, as found in some voting centers and confirmed by the director of the Regional Electoral Office (ORE), Frank Molleja. 

At the Escuela Básica República de Nicaragua voting center, in San Felipe, voters began to arrive at 5 in the morning to wait for the polls to open at 6 in the morning. Molleja said that at 8 am all the 757 voting tables distributed in the 486 polling stations in the 14 municipalities were already installed.

He stressed that the process is very fluid, so large queues are not generated and people exercise their right to vote very quickly.

Guarico: positive flow

The Guárico state has 462 authorized voting centers, which total 832 voting tables from which citizens will exercise their constitutional right to vote for the election of new government authorities in 134 positions.

Therefore, through a deployment carried out from San Juan de los Morros, Juan Germán Roscio Nieves municipality, electoral centers Bolivarian School Venezuelan Federation of Teachers which has 5 polling stations and more than 4.00 voters, as well as the Republic of Brazil School Group, the which are one of those that group the largest number of voters in the city, began last day at 6:30 am once the verification of credentials and the presence of witnesses had been carried out.

Meanwhile, in the south of the state specifically in the town of Calabozo, Francisco de Miranda municipality, from the facilities of the Ramón Francisco Feo School Group, the start is reported from 6 o'clock, with operation in 3 tables available for more than 2.000 voters . In these spaces, the presence of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces on the occasion of the Republic Plan also stands out.

Barinas: 90% of the tables installed

From very early hours of this Sunday the electoral day began in the 543 voting centers enabled in the state of Barinas. According to the report of the regional authorities, as of 8:30 AM, 90% of the 961 polling stations in the entire Barinese territory were already enabled.

Later, Denyssis Pérez, director of the Regional Electoral Office in the state of Barinas, described the conduct of the elections in Barinas as satisfactory.

He mentioned that there were some failures in the electrical service in the Obispos, Bolívar and Ezequiel Zamora municipalities due to the rains that had occurred since the early hours of this Sunday; However, with the help of Corpoelec and Cantv, they managed to solve the inconveniences, without stopping the process due to the battery backup that the machines have.

It also reported the replacement of three machines in the capital municipality. He specified that already at noon there were 100% of the 962 voting tables open, for the 607 thousand voters in the 543 centers enabled for the process.

Miranda: zamoranos and tuyeros left early

At the touch of the target, the tuyeros got up early to exercise their right to vote in more than 300 voting centers authorized by the National Electoral Council (CNE) in the six municipalities of the lower Mirandinos.

The polling stations were set up from 5:30 am, some with accidental members.

For their part, in Guarenas Members of the Municipal Electoral Board assured that the situation was left in the hands of the police. In general, the elections began with total normality in the 74 voting centers, under strict security measures.
In the first moments of the process, there were no long lines of voters, due to the speed of the automated system.

Táchira: without setbacks

The MG José Moreno Martínez, Cmdte. of the REDI Los Andes, said that the entire process is developing normally throughout the 29 municipalities of the entity.

For his part, the national candidate Freddy Bernal said that the 669 voting centers of the entity are fully operational from the early hours of the morning.

Bernal explained that the border with Colombia remains closed due to the activation of the Republic Plan.

Aragua: they left very early

The installation of the voting tables in the 613 electoral centers of the Aragua state began at six in the morning, where the people left very early to exercise their right to vote.

Except for specific inconveniences with the installation of some machines, the start of the day was carried out normally in the different towns of the entity, where 1.295.596 people are authorized to vote and choose a total of 178 positions, distributed as follows

Nueva Esparta: more than 385 thousand neo-Spartans summoned

From 6:00 in the morning, 100% of the 528 polling stations were installed and constituted in the 238 electoral centers set up in Nueva Esparta, in which 386.899 people are registered to exercise their right to vote and elect the governor, 11 mayors 7 regional legislators and 77 councilors of the Municipal Councils.

At this time, the candidate for governor for the Democratic Alliance, Morel Rodríguez Ávila in the EU Zulia State, located in Porlamar, Mariño municipality, has already exercised their right to vote, who stressed that the process is easy and fast and I invite everyone to take part.

«Nueva Esparta is in your hands the destiny of this land, let's go out to vote and strengthen Democracy and citizen values ​​in an electoral process that is extremely important at this time, to start the work that citizens demand based on progress and development that will be unstoppable, "said the candidate.

Amazonas: the European Mission arrived

The state of Amazonas has international observation for the electoral process that is taking place today, when it was announced that for logistical and security reasons there would not be international observers.

The international observers are Andreas Haack Deputy Chief of the German embassy and Mario Kohm First Secretary at the German Embassy who, since six in the morning, have been touring the voting centers with the most voters in the Atures municipality.

Bolívar: the day progresses normally

The process of electing the governor, mayors, councilors and deputies in the state of Bolívar is progressing normally in Bolívar state, after activating the tables in the 717 voting centers set up by the National Electoral Council (CNE) in the entity.

This was reported by the director of the Regional Electoral Office (ORE), Daniel Prieto, who pointed out that the vast majority of centers opened from 7:00 in the morning, with some specific delays due to delays or absences of polling station members. .

He pointed out that all contingencies were covered immediately, as established in the CNE's operational plan for these general elections.

He also indicated that electoral prosecutors visit the different voting centers in each of the 11 municipalities of Bolívar to verify the proper functioning of the equipment and that the voting process is running smoothly.

In a report by the Venezuelan News Agency, it was noted that in some voting centers in Ciudad Bolívar, the state capital, the massive presence of voters was verified from early hours at the gates of some of the centers with the largest number of registered voters. The Republic Plan deployed more than 6 thousand officials for the transfer and custody of the voting centers, machines and electoral material in the 11 municipalities of the state.

Falcón: with accidental members

The Commander of the Comprehensive Defense Operational Zone (ZODI) Falcón, Vice Admiral Irwin Picci informed the community that 96% of the polling stations have been constituted up to this moment.

He said that 1.145 of the 1.192 voting centers are already 100% operational, and that the rest are solving some failures with the equipment and with the members of the polling stations.

He asserted that the more than 7.300 troops deployed are in the 25 municipalities of the entity to ensure the exercise of the vote.

La Guaira: got up early

From four in the morning there were long lines in the 202 voting centers of La Guaira, this domain November 21, where the Guaireños will exercise their right to vote to elect the governor of La Guaira, the mayor of Vargas and more than 11 councilors for legislative bodies.

The 430 voting tables were installed from 6 am, some with technical failures in the voting machine and other technological equipment, which were solved at the time, allowing the electoral day to continue naturally.