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PSUV militants deployed in Sucre state

With the meeting they seek to strengthen each of our areas of the party structures

The militancy of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) in the Sucre state, was deployed in the entity with the aim of deepening the ideological formations in each of the territories.

In this context, in the Andrés Mata municipality (San José de Aerocual) the militants of the state political team of the red awning held a meeting with the grassroots structures of the political organization of the jurisdiction, in the facilities of the covered court of San José de Aerocual, to discuss new actions and strategies that strengthen the different areas of the party.

The assembly was led by the territorial link of the PSUV in the Sucre state, Jesús Faría, the governor Gilberto Pinto, the state organizer of the PSUV, Luis Sifontes, and the mayor of the municipality, Iliath Veloz.

In this regard, Faría stressed that through these meetings they seek to organically strengthen the development of organizations at all levels.

“We are holding municipal, parish meetings of the structures of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela in the streets, in the communities and the Bolívar Chávez Battle Units (Ubch), to strengthen each of our areas of both mobilization and ideological formation, with the sole purpose of preserving the continuity of the revolutionary process,” Faría said.

He explained that the assemblies demonstrate the internal democracy that exists within the red tent. He said that through these meetings the revolutionary militancy analyzes and debates issues of national and international interest and those that refer to the monolithic unity and development of the party.

"There we put on the debate all the aspects that point to the qualitative and quantitative strengthening of our organization and, of course, we discuss lines of work that we will apply to continue consolidating the construction of socialism," he said. 

The also deputy of the National Assembly (AN)) assured that the mobilizations will continue to deepen in the different territories of Sucre, in order to significantly advance the growth of revolutionary militancy. He declared that since the execution of the V Congress of the PSUV, the red tent has registered a considerable increase of the revolutionary forces.

“Since the V Congress we have observed a substantial growth, a strengthening of our militancy and all this in the face of the battles that are being waged and, which will be presented in the immediate junctures, one of the most important are the presidential elections that are a great challenge for the Bolivarian Revolution and for the people”, he asserted.

They hold a meeting in Casanay

At the end of the meeting in San José de Aerocual, the authorities moved to the Andrés Eloy Blanco municipality (Casanay) to continue these territorial deployments in the eastern region.

On this occasion, they met in the "Rosita Marcano" room, in Casanay, where the members of the PSUV base structures created working groups to define actions that contribute to guaranteeing the victory of President Nicolás Maduro, in the next electoral scenario. .

Gilberto Pinto, governor of Sucre, urged the militancy to concentrate and join efforts to consolidate the permanence of the Bolivarian project. 

He emphasized the need to continue united to defeat the sectors that seek to destabilize the peace and tranquility of the South American nation.

In turn, the state organizer of the PSUV, Luis Sifontes, thanked the commitment acquired by the militants who have remained active in the most remote areas carrying the message of the Bolivarian Revolution.

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