Mega-elections will be held on November 21

The president of the National Electoral Council (CNE), Pedro Calzadilla, reported this Thursday that the Regional and Municipal elections where the positions of Governor, Mayor, Municipal Council and Legislative Council will be elected will be held on Sunday, November 21 of this year.

In this sense, the highest representative of the Electoral Power announced part of the electoral schedule approved unanimously for the elections of November 21:

  • The special day of registration and updating of data in the Electoral Registry will take place from June 01 to July 15.
  • The selection of the members of the subordinate bodies, members of the Regional and Municipal Boards, as well as board members will take place from July 27 "in the same conditions that have been done to date.
  • The period for nominations for candidates to the different positions to be elected will be from August 09 to 29.
  • The period for the modifications or substitution of the nominations reflected in the electoral ballot will be between the 08 to the 22 of September.
  • The nationwide drill for the mega-elections will be held on Sunday, September 26.
  • A total of 16 audits will be performed on the Automated System. "In order to verify, together with the technicians of the different organizations for political purposes and international electoral experts, the transparency and security of the vote."
  • The electoral fairs "to familiarize voters with the voting process" will be held from October 13 to November 13.
  • The electoral campaign will run from October 28 to November 18.

Calzadilla pointed out that with the call made by the CNE today the country enters one of the most important stages of political and democratic history, guaranteeing political stability and peace.

"This CNE is the result of this national dialogue action, we invite political organizations to begin their organizational activities," urged the president of the CNE.



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