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Mayors and mayoress of the south of Guárico take office

In Guárico state, the new mayors and mayoress of the municipalities that make up the southern axis of the entity: Francisco de Miranda, Esteros de Camaguán and San Jerónimo de Guayabal, were sworn in before their respective Municipal Chambers to comply with their 2022 constitutional government period -2025.

In the case of the Miranda municipality, the elected mayor Donald Donaire, assured that the first project with which he has started his management corresponds to the recovery of the Rómulo Gallegos Park for the enjoyment of the population, a space in which they have proceeded to recover walkways, decoration, painting, incorporation of a public internet connection. At the same time they will also be addressing the rest of the public services, lighting, patching, drinking water and others.

For his part, Emilio Ávila, mayor of the Esteros de Camaguán, said that he will work with 222 ideas developed by the Popular Power in 5 vertices. Therefore, he stressed that the one with the greatest impact has to do with the reactivation of deep wells to guarantee the supply of drinking water, followed by the beautification of the city with public lighting, decoration and painting of curbs, both in main streets and avenues.

In the case of the San Jerónimo de Guayabal municipality, the first woman in the history of the town was sworn in, elected by popular will to assume the mayoralty, being she the graduate in education, Lisbeth Nairoby García.

The mayor after his imposition of band, assured that his actions will be focused on the transformation of the jurisdiction and beautification from the optimization of public services with the acquisition of trucks for the collection of solid waste, in addition to the recovery of the municipal landfill, renovation of the electrical system and public lighting.

He also stated that within the priority planning the incorporation and improvement of the telecommunications system with new lines and servers is foreseen, to mention some actions.

Finally, the governor of Guárico José Vásquez reiterated his call for joint work between the mayor's office and the governor's office for the execution of the government plan "Guárico de Encuentro", responding to other needs of the population.