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Maduro: we will defeat social networks with the truth from the streets

He demanded that the Campaign Command and all Ubch increase work and the offensive to build the new system and defeat censorship.

President Nicolás Maduro warned social networks that insist on banning content to try to censor his management and his campaign for the presidential elections next June 28 that “together with the people, he will defeat the networks with the truth from the streets.

“Continue banning Maduro and I, together with the people, the media, the walls and the Bemba radio, will go door to door, house to house. We have raised awareness of how social networks are totally biased towards the fascist right, showing the world what it is not, trying to lie, just as it was at the time when the media gave a media blow to Commander Chávez and “We defeated with the truth, with radio bemba,” he stated.

This statement was made by the first National President after reflecting on work corresponding to the weekly survey he carries out. Últimas Noticias in which the audience was polled about banning on social networks, which resulted in 81,2% believe that social networks censor for political reasons.

It should be noted that President Nicolás Maduro had denounced In recent days, social networks have applied censorship techniques to their accounts. “They censor us, they cover us on social media, they don't release it,” he said. He also referred to the fact that he is not allowed to advertise (promoted content) through these platforms, as the other candidates who will compete in the presidential election on July 28 do.

Therefore, during the meeting with the National Campaign Command “Venezuela Ours of the 21st Century, instructed the Campaign Command and all the Ubch to “increase the work and the offensive to build the new system of streets, networks, media, walls and radio Bemba to defeat censorship and the banning of social networks and teach a lesson from Venezuela , what the people want more than their technological and digital manipulation. The people can do more,” he reiterated.

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