Maduro: we want true reconciliation, peace, justice and truth

President during the annual message to the AN

The President of the Republic made a brief chronological summary of all the actions carried out by the extreme right to remove him from power until he reached the Gideon operation led by Guaidó. 

The president assured that with the arrival of Donald Trump, economic and military aggressions against Venezuela increased. "The outgoing Trump administration put a price on my head, 15 million dollars asked for my head, one more sample of moral decadence." He said that the Venezuelan opposition took advantage of the National Assembly to promote sanctions and blockade.

Julio Borges becomes president of the AN and applies fraudulent formulas to overthrow the government. "The Trumpist far-right, upon being overthrown in the 2018 elections, planned an assassination against me.

After the 2019-2025 inauguration they decided to launch with Guaidó's tragicomic strategy 

They tried to invade the country through the Táchira, arguing the entry of a supposed humanitarian aid

2020 was the year the outgoing Trump administration criminally put a price on my head

One more way of looking at the politics of supremacism that made them make so many mistakes

Together with me, they marked other colleagues, to pay rewards for our kidnapping. A month later, the Gideon operation was carried out to bathe the country in blood.  

This NA should encourage the North American Congress to investigate all these acts that are contrary to US law and that violate international conventions. “One thing is the electoral political struggle and power within the framework of the constitution and another is terrorism. Our politics cannot be Colombianized, as they do, to lead, ”he commented.

The President said that what is being sought is true reconciliation. “We want is plan and respect, true reconciliation, I ask it in the name of God. Peace, Justice and Truth ”.  

He recalled that thanks to Operation Black First, it was allowed to capture all those responsible for this mercenary aggression prepared for months, Trump put his company and his man, I say so today. At the White House, Trump ordered Guaidó to hire Goudreau. Trump has his bloody hands in this plan and that will be known, the truth will come out. Duque provided the logistics, but they could not with the courage and sagacity of our FANB.