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Maduro: “We need peace before, during and after July 28”

The president completed an intense day of work in the Valles del Tuy where he recalled that the right will once again seek the path of violence.

The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, carried out an intense work agenda in the Mirandian region of the Valles del Tuy, where he toured the municipalities of Santa Teresa, Cúa and Charallave, where he inaugurated several infrastructure works and closed with a meeting with the masses who support him in that town.

In the massive event held in the state of Miranda, the president inaugurated the National Educational Unit “Guillermo Cova” located in the Dos Lagunas urbanization, El Cartanal parish of the Independencia municipality, where he said that “there are people who want to privatize education, we cannot let them come to power. "They want to privatize education like they did in Argentina."

CDI and SRI Lecumberry reopened in Cúa

Next, the president traveled with a large group of motorized vehicles to Cúa, where he reopened a Comprehensive Diagnostic Center and Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center, and reflected that only in revolution "can we improve education and health and we can recover PDVSA and our Petroleum".

1×10 and Bricomiles promote spaces for health and life in Cúa / Presidential Press

With a daily care capacity of 150 and 170 people, the Comprehensive Diagnostic Center (CDI) and the Lecumberry Comprehensive Rehabilitation Room (SR) were reopened, located in the homonymous urbanization of the Cúa parish in the Rafael Urdaneta municipality, Miranda state. . 

The health centers are part of the Lecumberry Comprehensive Community Health Area (ASIC) and will benefit 53.923 people from 63 communities that are divided into territorial axes 2, 3, 4, 6, 7 and 8 of this Tuya town.

The CDI and SRI were equipped with medical equipment and supplies such as X-ray, ultrasound machine and ultrasound transducer, ultrasound table, gynecological beds, nebulizer, glucometer, defibrillator, among others. 

Among the services offered by the CDI are: general medicine, adult hospitalization, electrocardiogram, ophthalmology, intensive care and vaccination, among others. While the SRI offers physiatry, hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, thermotherapy, gym, occupational therapy and ozone therapy services.

The rehabilitation work of these health spaces was carried out through the 1×10 System of Good Government and the Military Community Brigades for Education and Health (Bricomiles), which began last May and included repair and waterproofing of the roof. , replacement, installation, repair and correction of electrical wiring, as well as replacement of breaker and bars of external and internal panels. In addition, LED panel lighting was installed in internal and external areas, recovery of the underground tank with a capacity of 40 thousand liters with a pump system, which guarantees water in the CDI and SRI.

In Charallave

Maduro inaugurated the “Siervo de Jesús Granados” Stadium in Charallave

At the end of the afternoon, the president visited Charallave and said that he jogged from the Charallave municipal market to the sports complex and there delivered the completely rehabilitated Sports Complex of the “Siervo de Jesús Granados” Stadium in the state of Miranda. There will be 22 children's and youth soccer clubs and it will be able to host tournaments for 45 clubs in total.

With a friendly match between the Unión Atlético de Charallave and Charallave Fútbol Club soccer schools, the “Siervo de Jesús Granados” stadium was reopened, located in the Olympic Village in the 19 de Abril sector in the Charallave parish of the Cristóbal Rojas municipality in Miranda. 

The sports space, intended for the practice of athletics and soccer in its different categories, is built in the Herederos de Guaicaipuro Commune, which houses 20 communal councils, 7 Bolívar Chávez battle units (UBCh) with a total of 21.205 inhabitants, 8.235 families , 22 academies and 45 sports clubs. 

“I tell the people that we are risking the freedom of the country and not being a colony again,” reflected the head of state before the crowd that accompanied him under a persistent rain. “Let everyone define themselves in the days to come and prepare for 1×10,” said the President.

“We cannot let them come to power”

Maduro accompanied the motorcyclists in Charallave and got on a motorcycle

Maduro recalled that next Sunday, June 9, the 1×10 test will be carried out nationwide to fine-tune the machinery towards the July 28 elections. “I'm going to be reviewing the 1×10 street by street, because we have to build a perfect victory. “We cannot let them come to power”: Maduro warns that the opposition intends to privatize education, health and PDVSA,” he said.

“We need peace before, during and after July 28. They want to embarrass the country, they want to make a cry of fraud like they did in Mexico, and do you know what the guarantee is so that the right does not bring back the guarimba? The 1 × 10 to achieve the perfect victory,” he indicated.

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