Maduro: this year there will be elections and we are preparing

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, affirmed that the parties that make up the Simón Bolívar Great Patriotic Pole (Gppsb) are preparing the machinery to face victoriously the electoral battle of governors and mayors scheduled for this year.

"We are preparing very seriously and I call on the people to prepare under the concept of governorships and popular mayors," he said during a working day held from the Miraflores Palace to commemorate the first year of the installation of the Miranda Community Governments .

He assured that there are already several opposition candidates in the campaign. "Carlos Ocaríz is going around saying that he is going to elections with (Henrique) Capriles or without Capriles and David Uzcátegui is in the same line," he revealed.

He welcomed the decision that the National Assembly adopted in the last session to allow the elections of governors and mayors to be held simultaneously.

Regarding the National Electoral Council, he highlighted that to date 114 candidates for rectors have been presented to form the new directive of the body that will be in charge of defining the date of this electoral process and if they are carried out simultaneously as proposed by the Government and opposition.

Opponents campaigning for Caracas

The Head of State referred to other opposition candidates that they assure will compete in the upcoming elections and pointed out that Stalin González, Roberto Patiño and the president of Fedecámaras Ricardo Cusanno are looking for support for the mayor of Caracas.

“In Caracas there are three candidates from the right, one Stalin González who is ignoring him, another a new one, an agent of the State Department in Venezuela, his name is Roberto Patiño and the other is the president of Fedecámaras, Ricardo Cusanno; they are fighting each other, "he said.



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