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Maduro: “There are people who want to privatize education”

The president handed over the rehabilitated "Guillermo Cova" National Educational Unit in the state of Miranda.

The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, rejected the proposals of sectors of the right that have shown that they will privatize education in Venezuela. In this sense, he asked the people to defend our free and quality educational system.

“There are people who want to privatize education, we cannot let them come to power. “They want to privatize education like they did in Argentina,” warned the president from the state of Miranda, where he delivered the renewed “Guillermo Cova” National Educational Unit.

“We must be aware that we are defending the right to the future. Do not let it be taken away from you, and the right to the future is guaranteed with the people united,” reflected the head of state before the excited students of the educational institution.

President Maduro said that in his government he will continue working to “improve free, quality public education.”

During his visit to the state of Miranda, the president also delivered 9.500 new financing to entrepreneurs of that entity, as part of the Great Mission Venezuela Women and Great Mission Venezuela Joven.

“I hope that the economy we are building has fundamental support in entrepreneurship in the family, in the community. Count on all my support, Miranda entrepreneurs! “She said.

The squad

The educational institution was founded in 1984. It has 92 workers as teaching, administrative and labor staff. It has an enrollment of 985 general secondary education students. 

Susana Villegas, director of the high school, mentioned that the military community brigades for education (bricomiles) were doing a great job. “In this institution, a fairly arduous remodeling was carried out committed to the sense of awareness for all of us who are here and we give it social life, both for students, staff, community, UBCh and the street. We have and will continue to give the best of each of us in behavior and attitude. And we will continue to attest to our house of studies,” she emphasized.

Within the framework of the 7T and 1×10 of the Good Government, the high school had 2 thousand meters of asphalt covering applied, the electrical and lighting system was changed, pipes for drinking and sewage were replaced, façade remodeling, painting, blacksmithing , conditioning of 26 classrooms, 10 coordinations, library, kitchen, dining room, multipurpose field and outdoor environments. 

They also renovated five physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology laboratories, which were fully equipped. And tables, chairs, desks and other furniture in general were also recovered. A telematics and computer room was created there. 

Yelitza Bravo, head of the Bolivar Chávez Battle Unit (UBCh), cited that this dream is coming true “where we had more than 30 years of our institution not taking us into account so that our children have a decent education.” 

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