President Maduro: We have had an impeccable application process

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President Nicolás Maduro, in his speech this Sunday, congratulated the National Directorate of the PSUV and the people mobilized in the nomination session held on June 27, describing it as "impeccable."

“My thanks to all the PSUV militants for the discipline in the applications. We have had an impeccable application process, I also thank the party leadership, "he said.

He also thanked the officials who have popularly elected positions that are in office for having a conduct attached to the principles and standards established by the National Directorate of the red awning for the aforementioned election process.

Regarding the method applied to elect the candidates for the PSUV primaries on August 8, he asserted that it is the only experience of this type in the world and highlighted the mechanism to guarantee parity in the applications.

Maduro also highlighted the application of the norms emanating from the National Directorate of the red awning concerning the nomination of the national leaders of the party, governors and mayors aspiring to reelection.

In the case of the governors and national leaders who did not reach 35% approval, they were not nominated. In the case of mayors, those with an approval rating of less than 30% did not qualify either. In his opinion, not reaching these percentages is an indicator that "they do not have popular approval."

He also stated that the party has “an organized force at the base of Venezuelan society. There are 183 thousand postulated compatriots, this guarantees the future of the Bolivarian Revolution ”.

Campaign command "Aristóbulo Istúriz"

Maduro announced that they will form a campaign command with the Polo Patriótico and the Bicentennial Congress of the Peoples that will bear the name of Aristóbulo Istúriz, "for joy, love and loyalty" to the Bolivarian Revolution.

He stated that the objective is to have a great victory in the mega election on November 21. He announced that the government program to apply is the Plan de la Patria. "Is our reason to be. The Plan of the homeland 2025 and more. This is our path, the path of the Plan of the Homeland 2025 ”.

"I tell all the Venezuelan people that we are building a great victory for November 21," he said.



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