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Maduro made a pilgrimage for four days in the center-west of the country

From the El Maizal commune he appointed the new Minister of Communes

Four entities from the central-western bloc of the country received a visit from President Nicolás Maduro between June 4 and 7.

The tour began in Trujillo last Tuesday, June 4, when it landed at the San Rafael de Carvajal airport from where it left for Isnotú, the hometown of José Gregorio Hernández; He entered the sanctuary that operates in the house of the Venezuelan saint. While Maduro toured the temple and the museum that preserves the relics of the Doctor of the Poor, a crowd sang Glory to the Bravo People attached to the bars of the sanctuary.

At the end of the tour in the museum, Maduro called those present to show them a video that a Venezuelan priest recorded from St. Peter's Square in the Vatican, with Pope Francis at his side, who said that "in Venezuela there is a mature people." The Supreme Pontiff took advantage of the recording to say that he had already signed the canonization of the Trujillo doctor.

In Trujillo Maduro delivered a Farmapatria and a CDI. He closed the visit with a mass event in Carvajal.

The next day (Wednesday, June 5), the head of state went to the Valles del Tuy (Miranda) and delivered the renovated Guillermo Cova Educational Unit, located in Santa Teresa del Tuy. From there he jumped to Cúa and inaugurated the CDI Lecumberry. As he left, he got out of the vehicle and greeted the crowd and then went to Charallave and walked along the street that borders the railroad: he entered the municipal market and then rode his motorcycle to a sports complex that he left inaugurated. In the neighboring Coleus manga he spoke to his followers and danced the Gallo pinto.

On Thursday, June 6, Maduro arrived at the El Maizal commune, a plot of land located between Sarare (Lara) and Acarigua (Portuguesa), delivered by then-president Hugo Chávez to a group of farmers. From there he appointed Ángel Prado as the new Minister of Communes. He then traveled to Cabudare where he delivered home number 5 million. That night he spoke at a mass event.

The weekly tour concluded in Aragua with the inauguration of three operating rooms in Villa de Cura and the House of Culture of Cagua. He arrived in Maracay while it was still daylight and said at a rally that he has the reins of the economy, which is why “what is coming is prosperity.”

At night, Maduro stopped in San Mateo and signed agreements with Türkiye on petrochemicals and mining.


  • The agreements that Maduro signed in San Mateo were made in the Ingenio Bolívar, the house where the Liberator lived when he was married to María Teresa del Toro and it was there, precisely, where he contracted yellow fever that caused his death on January 22, 1803, recalled the President, during a brief intervention from the main hall of the historic building.
  • The letters and people wanting to take photos with Maduro have been the constants on the tours.

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