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Maduro: Nobody will ever silence us

The Head of State insisted on the need to deepen the new communication system Streets, Networks, Media, Walls and Radio Bemba.

“No one will ever silence us,” the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, stated this Monday when positively evaluating the day called #NicoLike that took place this Sunday, May 26, to counteract censorship on social networks.

“The truth about Venezuela will not be censored on social networks,” he added.

During the broadcast of his program “Con Maduro +” in its 47th edition, the Head of State insisted on the need to deepen the new communication system Streets, Networks, Media, Walls and Radio Bemba.

To break censorship, Maduro proposed the “wag against the banning of networks.” To this end, he planned to begin a task of positive management of social networks so that they serve education and entertainment, as well as to transmit the truth of the countries and strengthen the values ​​​​in youth and family.

He pointed out that social networks cannot be communication tools to promote uncertainty or lies in the population. “Let them not be social networks for anguish, uncertainty, lies and anti-values,” she added.

On the other hand, he highlighted that in Venezuela; “The walls are being made beautiful, aesthetic, artistic murals are being painted with messages of love.”

National workshop for the correct use of social networks

The National President announced that next Sunday, June 2, a national workshop will be held on the correct use and opportunities of social networks, an initiative aimed at defending the truth of Venezuela from digital platforms.

In this sense, he called for building a “powerful” alternative global social media movement, “because social media unifies us all.”

“It would be pertinent to think, study, and design the construction of a powerful movement of network movements that impacts communication and world culture based on a truly viable human alternative,” he proposed.

He also urged the use of social networks for educational purposes in the formation of Venezuelan society, urging the promotion of digital literacy to "transmit the truth of the countries."

In this regard, he proposed bringing the use of social networks to high schools, communities, community councils and universities. “So that social networks have an active, purposeful attitude for them, for the community and for the country.”

"We must do work on education and positive management of social networks, which serve for education, for entertainment, to transmit the truth of the countries, in this case of Venezuela, for values, for positive strengthening in youth, in the family,” he stressed.

#NicoLike campaign was a trend on social networks

The bell #NicoLike in social media applications, in order to break censorship and communication blockade in Venezuela, was a trend, just three hours after it started this Sunday, and remained active throughout the day.

Maduro reiterated this Sunday during his “Maduro Live” in his account on the social network TikTok his call to the people and youth to combat the censorship applied to Venezuela by social networks managed by the West.

“I tell you, above all, the youth, they are not going to silence us, we cannot allow them to censor us, cover us up and ban us,” he said.

In that sense, he invited to multiply “the truth and strength of Venezuela”, because in his opinion “Hope is in the streets! and it doesn't stop anyone”, facing the presidential elections on July 28.

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