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Maduro in front of candidate posters: “pataruco get out to the street”

The Head of State reiterated that "the only ones who have a country project are us with the 7T Homeland Plan"

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, presented this Monday during his program “Con Maduro +” number 49, with posters in hand, several of the opposition candidates so that people know them because they are not seen on the street.

“Ghost ducks, because they are never there but suddenly they appear,” he expressed during the Zona Digital segment hosted by journalists Madelein García and Julio Riobó.

Maduro showed the photo of the right-wing candidate Daniel Caballo, where he in turn denounced that this candidate wants to apply Milei's chainsaw in the country, "end the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB), end the Militia, the communes , with everything (…) Ceballos's chainsaw.”

He pointed out that the right-wing candidate Daniel Ceballos “after having led the Guarimbas in San Cristóbal, he launches with his face well washed (…) The only way I see Daniel Ceballos is like this (on a banner) because in the streets no one can see him.” go".

Another of the candidates that Maduro presented on a banner was the Democratic Action (AD) candidate Eduardo Martínez, “here the soursop candidate the donkey Martínez, where were you when they took the sanctions against Venezuela donkey, where was Democratic Action and Copei your matches? when they destroyed this country in 40 years.”

“Where were you who now come to wash your donkey's face? (…) Go out to the street, friend. Pataruco go out to Eduardo Martínez Street,” he said.

In the same way, he showed the banner with the image of the right-wing candidate Antonio Ecarri, “he (Ecarri) believes he is the reincarnation of Arturo Uslar Pietri.”

“Ecarri, I want to see you in the neighborhoods facing the people, making proposals. "I'll wait for you in the streets!" said Maduro.

Government plan

Maduro affirmed that the Bolivarian Revolution is the only one with a government and country project ahead of the presidential elections on July 28.

From the Teatro Teresa Carreño theater, the Head of State asserted that the Homeland Plan of the Seven Transformations came out of the debate. “Because we are creativity, criticism and permanent self-criticism (…) We do have a solid project, which came out of debate, criticism and self-criticism together with the people,” he said.

“Here the only ones who have a serious, experienced country project, ready to continue its development, are us. The Homeland Plan of the Seven Transformations came out of the debate because we are creativity, criticism and permanent self-criticism,” he highlighted.

In this regard, Maduro stated that the right does not have a country project, they want to generate chaos and destruction to the nation. “Which one of them has a plan? Who of the patarucos has a plan or a project for the country? Who of the patarucos has been at the side of the people, in their pain, in their struggles and in their hopes? Never,” he stressed.

“While the national government recovers spaces for the people, the right conspires to generate chaos,” he said.

He asserted that the only thing the opposition did when they won the Assembly in 2015 was request blockades against the country. Likewise, he highlighted that only the Bolivarian Revolution presented a country project.

In this sense, the National President warned that the right "has prepared a plan of violence." “They are repetitive. When they go to elections, they always use electoral campaigns to try to destabilize the economy, public services and politics (…) But, fascist gentlemen, we are not going to allow them because in Venezuela peace will prevail,” he noted.

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